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CTERA Confirmed as Cloud File Storage Industry Leader

In its recently released “Map 2022 for File Storage,” Coldago Research named CTERA the industry leader for Cloud File Storage.

This comes after another independent research firm, GigaOm, confirmed CTERA as a Top Leader on its GigaOm Radar – for the second year in a row.

What do these awards mean for CTERA as a company, as well as for current and future CTERA customers?

Coldago’s Cloud File Storage Report

Coldago Research analyzed 35 companies and released three maps for File Storage: EnterpriseCloud File Storage , High Performance Enterprise , and Cloud File Storage.  The File Map axes are “Execution and Capabilities” and “Vision and Strategy.” The map was broken into the following sections: Niches, Specialists, Challengers, and Leaders.



As you can see in the Cloud File Storage Map, CTERA was mapped on the extreme right – leading in terms of “Vision and Strategy” – and placed solidly in the “Leaders” category.

This achievement is a testament to the hard work and dedication of our team, and a clear indication that we are leading the way in the field of cloud file storage.

“CTERA confirms its leadership in the Cloud File Storage category. The company never stops innovating and continues to drive that area with new features and services perfectly illustrated by its large installed base and its recent wins. The team has introduced several key features for current and evolving distributed enterprise models and we see other companies trying to offer similar services, confirming that CTERA is a clear leader.”

Philippe Nicolas, Founder and Analyst, Coldago Research

CTERA builds on momentum of recent release and additional capabilities

CTERA has been featured in a number of publications recently, both due to being consistently chosen as a leader in its field, but also because of a major recent release, Version 7.5.

This release featured CTERA’s patented Cloud Storage Routing technology, along with multiple enhancements in data management, deduplication, and security.

Cloud Storage Routing enables organizations to efficiently utilize multiple cloud storage providers and on-premises object storage systems with policy-based control over data placement. This essentially allows organizations to route data to different storage destinations globally – and the ability to base this on tenant, user, or individual directory. Companies can now tick all the boxes when it comes to data sovereignty and GDPR compliance, and at the same time get low-latency access to data while minimizing cloud egress fees.

Other key features and updates include enhanced Cache Deduplication, Enterprise Key Management, Permanent Delete, the support of new storage providers, an upgraded user experience, Local Quota capabilities, and a new version of the CTERA MacAssist.

CTERA continues to lead in Cloud File Storage

This recognition by the top analysts in our field is a huge milestone for CTERA, and a source of immense pride for me and all of us at CTERA. It means that our customers can have confidence in our ability to deliver top-quality products and services, and it means that we can continue to push the boundaries of what is possible in cloud storage, always striving for innovation and excellence.

There’s no question that given independent verification of CTERA’s status as the leader in this field, along with new groundbreaking features recently released, CTERA has been cemented as organizations’ go-to provider when it comes to cloud file storage, specifically in terms of multi-cloud data management services from edge to cloud.

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