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CTERA Achieves AWS Status: Certified for AWS Outposts and Competency

We are very pleased to recap some exciting milestones we’ve achieved with Amazon Web Services (AWS).

AWS Digital Workplace Competency

CTERA has achieved AWS Digital Workplace Competency, a new AWS designation recognizing our proven experience helping customers build a digital workplace on AWS to free end users from the office, allowing them to work securely on virtually any device, from anywhere, at any time.

CTERA’s integrated solution for Amazon Workspaces is a great illustration of why we’ve achieved Digital Workplace Competency status. By freeing end users from the office, allowing them to work securely and productively on virtually from anywhere, at any time, it’s just what the doctor ordered for the post-COVID era.

As enterprises shift to remote work models we’re seeing accelerated adoption of cloud Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) services. Also known as Desktop as a Service (DaaS), cloud VDI offers numerous advantages for remote work and WFH scenarios.

DaaS solutions such as Amazon Workspaces let users access virtual desktops, apps, cloud storage, and communications from any internet-enabled device (e.g., desktop, laptop, smartphone). This allows employees who don’t have company-issued devices to easily and securely login to the virtual work environment from their home devices. As well, IT teams can scale the fleet of desktops up and down extremely rapidly to control usage costs.

A key requirement for today’s work-from-home users is fast file access. CTERA’s global file system delivers a high-performance user experience, by allowing remote workers to connect to the AWS WorkSpaces desktop at the AWS availability zone closest to their current location. This ensures that remote and work-from-home users enjoy a smooth file access experience with low latency.

CTERA stores all user profiles, home folders and projects in a single global namespace for Amazon Workspaces and desktop users. A virtual CTERA Edge Filer is deployed close in the nearest regional AWS zone, exposing home folders and shared project folders as a network drive that is cached to the cloud, while infrequently accessed files are tiered to low-cost S3 compatible storage rather than using limited Workspaces resources. All files are synchronized between the edge filers and S3 object storage, enabling universal file access and global collaboration.

AWS Outposts Ready Designation

Our other big news with AWS is that we’ve achieved CTERA’s AWS Outposts Ready status. AWS Outposts is a fully managed service that enables enterprises to deploy AWS private cloud services locally. This lets customers deploy a smaller-scale version of an AWS data center in your own on-prem facility.

As customers adopt AWS Outposts, they will also need complementary solutions for storing, securing and managing their data across multiple sites. This is where the CTERA Global File System comes in.

The CTERA platform serves as a natural extension of AWS Outposts, helping distributed enterprises enjoy unlimited file storage capacity at edge locations without compromising performance or security. Customers can deploy a CTERA Edge Filer on the local Outposts hardware, which connects to a CTERA Portal (on-prem or in the cloud) that powers the global file system.

The combination of AWS Outposts and the CTERA global file system allows enterprises to benefit from multi-site collaboration and global file sharing, VDI workspaces, and data tiering and archiving, while eliminating the overhead associated with dedicated traditional NAS and backup systems.

The service ready designation recognizes that the CTERA Enterprise File Services Platform has demonstrated successful integration with AWS Outposts deployments through rigorous testing.

We are proud to enjoy a long-lasting strategic partnership with AWS. Achieving two significant integrations with emerging AWS solutions is a gratifying process that strengthens our partnership and delivers new and extended value to AWS and CTERA customers.

You can find more information on our AWS partnership, including qualifications, validations, case studies and more, on the AWS Partner Network (APN) website. You also can learn more about the CTERA-AWS partnership here.

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