Store, share, and protect files anywhere from your virtual private cloud in AWS. Unlike legacy software companies, CTERA was born in the cloud and our Platform is built with the automation tools and API support to help you realize the full benefits of the cloud.

After deploying thousands of customers from AWS, CTERA is recognized as one of AWS’s premier Storage Competency Partners.

Customer Benefits
  • 2 Deploy 100% behind your firewall in your AWS VPC
  • 9 Transform into an IT-as-a-Service Provider
  • ~ Scale to any size deployment
  • j Protect cloud-based servers to and from AWS
  • 0 Reduce storage costs to $0.01/GB/mo with CTERA support for AWS S3-IA
  • e Enable end-to-end encryption where you alone generate and own the keys

The Carlyle Group Modernizes File Services with CTERA and AWS

The Carlyle Group, one of the world’s largest private equity firms and an organization with strict security and privacy requirements, sought a cloud-enabled solution that would replace legacy remote office storage infrastructure and provide fast file access for users. In choosing CTERA and AWS, The Carlyle Group now leverages a single cloud service for NAS home directory and network file share access at regional offices; secure file-based collaboration for users around the world; and built-in disaster recovery tools and hybrid cloud backup of files.

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CTERA & AWS Webinar
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The Carlyle Group Modernizes File Services with CTERA and AWS

Learn why the world’s largest private equity firm overhauled legacy file server and storage infrastructure at sites around the world with a joint CTERA-AWS solution that enables a modern business continuity agenda and provides “always-on” file access for globally distributed offices and users.

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