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Extend Cloud Storage Beyond The Datacenter

Cloud storage promises to deliver great cost-savings and business agility for enterprise IT, while delivering easier ways of storing, sharing and protecting enterprise data. However, making cloud storage usable for applications that are not purely in the cloud poses several challenges: security of data as it moves to and from the cloud, WAN speed and latency in remote sites, and integration with existing IT systems and applications.

Private or Public
Cloud Infrastructure

Choose among multiple object storage vendors and public cloud storage providers as your storage infrastructure, with easy-to-use connectors from CTERA.

One Platform,
Multiple Applications

Use CTERA to deliver hybrid cloud/on-premises storage, data protection and collaboration solutions, managed centrally from a single platform.

Active Directory / LDAP Integration

CTERA provides extensive integration with your Active Directory / LDAP for identity management and user authentication, including support for Active Directory forests.

CTERA's enterprise cloud storage solution is a platform that enables deployment of integrated cloud storage applications to the distributed enterprise, including mobile workers, remote offices and branches. It utilizes a combination of cloud storage gateways, end-point agents, mobile apps and a cloud service delivery portal to deliver a secure, WAN-optimized solution that doesn't require development or custom integrations.

Navigating The Challenges of Diverse Storage Environments

Applications of CTERA's technology address multiple needs that would otherwise require separate solutions at a much higher total cost of ownership:

  • Remote Office / Branch Office (ROBO) storage: A complete solution for storage, data protection and file sharing that is physically distributed but centrally managed.
  • Enterprise File Sync & Share: Addressing the needs of employees and business associates to easily access and share files within predefined teams or ad hoc, and providing a secure alternative to non-secure consumer cloud services.
  • Managed NAS: Replacing expensive file servers with centrally-managed, cloud-enabled appliances with local storage capacity, and no need for on-site IT staff.

Leverage Your Cloud Storage Infrastructure

Object-based storage, which serves as the infrastructure for cloud storage services, is highly cost-effective enterprise-grade storage. The ability to utilize your private cloud as a storage pool for multiple use-cases presents an opportunity for significant cost savings.

CTERA helps enterprises make the most out of their datacenter investment by maximizing the utilization of private cloud object storage, making storage silos and point solutions such as tape backup and dedicated laptop backup redundant. CTERA Portal is interoperable with datacenter and storage technologies from Cisco, EMC, HDS, HP, IBM, NetApp and additional vendors, giving you the freedom to choose your cloud infrastructure.

  • Multiple applications on a single platform: Rather than use disparate storage silos, CTERA allows you to create file sync & sharebackup and ROBO storage solutions using a single platform, creating efficiencies and allowing you to maximize utilization of your cloud infrastructure.
  • Highly cost-efficient: With appliances starting below $1,000 and highly optimized use of cloud storage infrastructure, you can deliver services at a fraction of the cost of traditional enterprise storage silos.
  • Choose Your Private or Public Cloud: CTERA's solution works seamlessly with a variety of cloud storage and object storage providers, enabling you to leverage your datacenter infrastructure, as well as utilize public clouds if needed.
  • Security and authentication: CTERA's solution was build with security in mind, providing built-in AES-256 encryption, native Active Directory and LDAP integration for user authentication and single sign-on (SSO), and extensive role-based access controls.
  • Multiple deployment options: Optimize performance and end-user experience with a mix of cloud storage gateways for remote offices and branches, managed CTERA agents for laptop users, and CTERA mobile app for smartphone and tablet users.
  • Enterprise-grade robustness and scalability: A true multi-tenant, multi-tiered and scalable solution, supporting high-availability and load balancing, with policy-based central management that scales to tens of thousands of sites and end-users.
  • Rapid launch and deployment: The rich functionality provided by CTERA Portal and ease of deployment and remote configuration capabilities of CTERA's cloud storage gateways allow you to create and launch storage services in a matter of days, no custom development required.

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CTERA Networks revolutionizes storage, data protection and collaboration for the distributed, mobile enterprise. CTERA's Enterprise Data Services Platform enables IT to centrally manage services including remote office storage, endpoint backup, and file sync & share. CTERA's platform is used by leading service providers and enterprises, on the public or private cloud infrastructure of their choice.
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