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All-in-One Storage, Data Protection and File Sharing for ROBOs

Managing storage at remote offices and branch offices (ROBO) presents a unique challenge to enterprise IT. The lack of on-site IT staff at remote sites and their large number make it difficult to find solutions that are adequate, cost-effective and easy to manage. For highly distributed branch-based businesses such as financial institutions, retail and hospitality chains, travel agencies, government agencies and healthcare clinics, the challenge is even greater.

Traditional approaches to ROBO storage that rely on file servers and dedicated remote backup solutions are expensive and difficult to manage on a large scale. Approaches that call for fully centralized storage with only remote access for branches are often too expensive to implement on a large scale, are highly susceptible to network availability and performance issues, and ignore the local storage and file sharing needs of remote sites and branches.

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The Hybrid On-Premises / Cloud Remedy

CTERA's ROBO storage solution combines cloud storage gateways with integrated NAS, file sharing and cloud backup capabilities for disaster recovery, creating a comprehensive solution that does away with legacy file servers, proprietary backup systems and storage silos. By leveraging scalable cloud storage and managed appliances, CTERA can deliver solutions starting at under $1,000 per branch that far exceed the capabilities of more expensive, separate components.

With CTERA's solution, remote office and branch employees enjoy fast local storage, while IT staff can centrally manage every aspect of the solution with no need for on-site presence.

Leveraging cloud storage infrastructure

CTERA's ROBO solution allows enterprises to make the most of their datacenter investment or tap into public cloud services, extending the use of cloud storage infrastructure to remote locations, and creating economies of scale.

  • All-in-one storage, backup, and sharing: Replacing legacy file servers, backup and ad-hoc consumer cloud services with a single solution, CTERA's ROBO storage solution allows minimizing the branch footprint and consolidating disparate solutions under a single roof.
  • No need for on-site IT staff: With full central management, monitoring and template-based management, your IT staff will not need to make frequent visits to ROBO's.
  • Enforce data protection policies across the enterprise: Ensure that data originating in ROBO's is adequately protected and recoverable in case of a local disaster.
  • Syndicate Files to Branches: By using CTERA's one-to-many file synchronization capabilities, ROBO users can gain local access to files syndicated to them from the datacenter, ensuring they always have up-to-date business documents and data.
  • Cost-efficient local storage: CTERA's appliances were designed using the latest small footprint technology and standard components to ensure robust performance while delivering starting at under $1,000 per site.
  • WAN optimized delivery: Global block-level de-duplication across sites, compressed incremental backups, and bandwidth-controlled cloud backup and folder sync – all ensure that your WAN is utilized efficiently, lower your datacenter storage costs and deliver a great user experience.
  • Choice of cloud storage infrastructure: CTERA's solution works seamlessly with a variety of cloud storage and object storage providers, and enables you to run your service either from your private datacenter or from your public cloud storage of choice.
  • Scalable to thousands of sites: Manage anywhere from tens to tens of thousands of ROBO's with powerful template-based management and support for high availability and load-balanced cloud service.
Centralized Management of Remote Appliances and Endpoints
A complete view of all CTERA Portal connected appliances and agents in a single console. Admins can view device status, account, template, version and other parameters. Remote firmware/software upgrades and mobile data remote wipe also supported.

Remote & Branch Office Storage


CTERA Networks revolutionizes storage, data protection and collaboration for the distributed, mobile enterprise. CTERA's Enterprise Data Services Platform enables IT to centrally manage services including remote office storage, endpoint backup, and file sync & share. CTERA's platform is used by leading service providers and enterprises, on the public or private cloud infrastructure of their choice.
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