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Cloud Service Delivery Platform

CTERA Portal is a scalable cloud service delivery platform that enables the creation, delivery and management of cloud storage applications, including file sharing and sync, backup, and mobile collaboration. It connects to cloud storage infrastructure from multiple vendors, including EMC, HDS, IBM and AWS.

With a centralized management console for CTERA cloud storage gateways and end-point agents, CTERA Portal makes it possible to extend cloud services to remote sites and mobile users, and manage anywhere from tens to tens of thousands of connected appliances and end-point devices.

Centralized Management

CTERA Portal can remotely manage anywhere from tens to tens of thousands of connected devices, including CTERA cloud storage gateways for remote sites and end-point agents for individual users and mobile workforce. It allows you to launch and manage the following applications from your cloud storage infrastructure:

  • Continuous bi-directional synchronization between cloud folders, end-points and cloud gateways
  • Collaboration using shared project workspaces with user controlled permissions, and email invitations for ad-hoc access
  • Automated, bandwidth-optimized local & cloud backup with block-level de-duplication
  • Selective file backup and "bare metal" disk-level backup
  • Application-aware backup for Microsoft Exchange, SQL Server, Active Directory, SharePoint and Hyper-V.
  • Remote access to files via standard browsers and CTERA Mobile app

Storage-as-a-Service Provisioning

Create and manage service plans and group-based templates, determine storage quota, licensing, service expiration dates, and manage dunning procedures. Easily integrate with Active Directory and LDAP for user authentication, as well as third party billing and monitoring systems.

Multi-Tenancy and Multi-Tier Management

CTERA Portal supports multi-tier management, making it possible to delegate aspects of service delivery to channel partners or departments using virtual instances of the CTERA portal that act as software blades sharing the same underlying infrastructure settings, but with complete isolation. Two types of "virtual portals" can be set up under a CTERA Portal Datacenter Edition installation:

  • Reseller Portal: Allows resellers to create their own service plans, and manage their customers independently of the hosting cloud service provider that owns and manages the storage infrastructure. Also includes the option of private branding per reseller.
  • Team Portal: Allows enterprise departments or individual businesses to manage their own storage services and provisioning. Includes the option to connect each Team Portal to a customer-defined authentication system (AD/LDAP) and collaborate in team workspaces.

Cloud Storage Back-End

CTERA Portal is interoperable with a variety of storage infrastructure providers, including public cloud services and object storage platforms from EMC, IBM, HDS, AWS and others. CTERA Portal eliminates storage vendor lock-in and allows you to load-balance between different back-end options, both private and public. For a list of supported storage vendors click here.

In Your Datacenter, or Hosted

CTERA Portal is available in both Datacenter and SaaS editions:
  • Datacenter Edition: Installed in your datacenter, integrated with your object storage platform.
  • SaaS Edition: Partner with one of our "Master MSP" partners and distributors who provide CTERA Portal as a cloud service. The SaaS edition it is the quickest way for resellers and MSPs to make a foray into managed cloud services, with an offering that can be up and running in hours, under their own brand, with no upfront investment.

 The following table highlights the differences between the two deployment options:

SaaS Edition
Datacenter Edition
Deployment Software-as-a-service Installed VM
Investment OPEX CAPEX
Storage Back-End Hosted cloud service Object storage
Reseller Sub-Portals No Yes
Team Sub-Portals No Yes
Service Plan Creation Yes Yes
User Account Management Yes Yes
Central Monitoring Yes Yes
Nagios Integration No Yes
Private Branding Yes Yes
System Requirements Web browser VMWare ESXi (64 bit)

Flexible Service Plans

Create and manage your own service plans, controlling the types of services included, cloud storage provisioning, end-user self-registration, CTERA Agent licensing and more.

CTERA Portal


CTERA Networks revolutionizes storage, data protection and collaboration for enterprises and SMBs. Its hybrid architecture combines secure cloud storage services with on-premises appliances and managed agents. CTERA's scalable cloud service delivery platform is used by leading service providers and enterprises, on the public or private cloud infrastructure of their choice.
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