WAN Optimization and Data Reduction

CTERA employs source-based de-duplication and compression, minimizing impact on available WAN bandwidth and reducing storage usage in your cloud or data center by up to 90%. You can de-duplicate data blocks across multiple sites and users, whether in a specific geography, within a department, or across your entire organization.

Key Benefits
  • Reduce Storage Costs

    Source-based de-duplication and compression reduce storage usage by up to 90%.

  • Minimize Impact on WAN Traffic

    Incremental-Forever backup and sync mean only changed blocks are sent, minimizing WAN traffic impact.

  • Improve Data Transfer Speeds

    Send TBs of logical data per hour across the WAN while users continue working uninterrupted.

Feature Highlights

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    Source-based de-dupe
    De-duplication is done at the source, optimizing both data transfer speed and storage.
  • Customizable de-dupe groups
    Apply de-duplication across your organization based on confidentiality and efficiency needs.
  • Block-level with configurable block size
    Control block size for optimal tradeoff of performance vs. data reduction.
  • Scheduled bandwidth throttling
    Limit backup and sync usage of bandwidth by day of the week and time of day.
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    Source-based (client-side) compression
    In addition to de-dup, all data is compressed before being sent over WAN.
  • Completely transparent to end-users
    No interruption to other applications, and minimal use of system resources.