On-Demand Webinar with 451

Cloud ‘Repatriation’ &  EU Safe Harbor

451 Research and CTERA explore cloud execution strategies adopted by organizations, with the aim to optimize how their data is stored and accessed, especially in light of the recent EU court decision repealing ‘Safe Harbor’ for data stored in the US.

In this webinar, we discuss:

  • Trends in enterprise cloud adoption and ‘repatriation’ – even as public cloud adoption continues to grow
  • The recent EU court ruling, invalidating the ‘Safe Harbor’ given to data stored in the US – what does it mean to European organizations and US-based organizations doing business in Europe?
  • Considerations in data governance, security and economics and their effect on cloud deployment scenarios
  • How a platform-centric approach can help support dynamic cloud strategies

The webinar is available on-demand – register to receive the link for playback.