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Case Study

Oper8 Global Enhances Bennett & Bennett’s Data Management with CloudBox

“You get the power and convenience of the cloud without sacrificing security or control.”

CTERA partner Oper8 Global

About Oper8 Global

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Oper8 Global is an infrastructure-focused solution integrator that delivers best-of-breed technology solutions that align with customers’ business needs.  The company combines a unique blend of Data Centre, Cybersecurity, Remote, and Edge Solutions with IoT and management services, to deliver high-security technology solutions to customers worldwide.

The Business Challenge

Oper8 customer Bennett & Bennett – a leader in advanced services for major construction, infrastructure, and development projects – was having difficulty managing large renders, photo files, and CAD drawings created by on-site teams.

These files need to be easily accessible and shareable across offices, including at remote locations.

The organization was making use of portable drives to transfer this data, but these were proving inefficient, expensive, difficult to back up, and exposed the firm’s data to damage, loss, or theft.

Adding to the challenge were the company’s backup requirements: significant backup sizes required a cloud-adjacent solution for effective disaster recovery.

Bennett & Bennett required a solution that provided:

  • Local storage capabilities
  • Centralized management
  • Cloud-adjacent backup
  • Scalability for multiple locations and users
  • At an affordable price

Bennett & Bennett turned to Oper8 Global, who had just the solution that checked all the boxes: CTERA’s Global File System, sold by Oper8 under the “CloudBox” product.

Oper8, after understanding their customer’s unique needs, tailored a solution specifically for Bennett & Bennett, using CTERA‘s platform.

CTEA Edge Filers were deployed at all office locations, removing the need for portable hard drives, and even traditional file servers.

The benefits were immediate, and included:

  • A 50% reduction in Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)
  • Increased performance
  • A familiar experience for employees
  • No risk of the data loss that was associated with portable storage solutions
  • Support for Windows and Mac
  • Seamless integration with apps available on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store
  • A consistent and user-friendly experience across devices

About CTERA’s cloud file storage solution

CTERA provides a world-leading Global File system complete with automatic backup, replication, deduplication and data encryption.  It’s Edge Filer modernizes and unifies remote file storage, multi-site collaboration and backup across dispersed enterprises.

Easy to deploy and manage, CTERA Edge Filers replace traditional file servers/NAS with a cost-effective cloud storage solution to deliver secure edge-to-cloud file services.

With CTERA, your organization will get:

  • Seamless file access from anywhere
  • Access cloud storage directly from Windows and Mac Desktops
  • Global File System Architecture
  • Multi-Folder Sync
  • Backup, replication and deduplication
  • Secure data access
  • The highest level of data encryption
  • Increased productivity especially for your remote workforce
  • Fast and effective ransomware recovery

“Oper8 Global’s CloudBox (CTERA) solution was the perfect choice for Bennett + Bennett. After years of using portable hard drives, we were looking for a solution that allowed us to access our data in a single, global namespace, along with the security, backup, and encryption that CloudBox offers, as the costs of cyber insurance continue to rise. We love finding technology teams as passionate about their work as we are.”

Mark Billsborough, Managing Director - Bennett & Bennett
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