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Two cloud file data services suppliers going gangbusters

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Customers are clamoring for cloud-based file data services, and both CTERA and Nasuni are growing strongly on the back of this.

Such services have a cloud-based object storage vault storing files, which are served to accessing customers’ distributed datacenters, remote sites and end-points – typically with local caching to speed access. The central cloud repository synchronizes any file state changes. Startups CTERA and Nasuni are two such suppliers, with Egnyte and Panzura also active.

CTERA announced record results for 2023, driven by strong demand for its AI-based CTERA Ransom Protect. It recorded over 30 percent growth in annual recurring revenue for 2002 to 2023. It revealed it won major deals with state agencies, leading banking institutions, and global media groups. CTERA also expanded its presence in Asia, winning customers in India, Australia, and Singapore. It manages hundreds of billions of files comprising more than 200PB of data.

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