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Top Ways Organizations Can Train Employees to Defend Against Cyber Attacks

Aron Brand, the CTO of Ctera, believes that with cyber attackers getting more innovative, it’s harder and harder to keep the workforce trained on what to look for in malicious attacks. That is why zero-trust architectures have become the new must-have for the workplace. The key principle of zero trust is that every access attempt is considered suspicious until proven otherwise. As we start 2022, the attacks continue to evolve. For instance, the Log4 Shell flaw stayed undetected for many years until it was too late. “How many similar time bombs exist that are still undetected? What are the lessons to be learned about the open-source software on which our world runs? Brand questions. “Zero trust architectures can reduce the blast radius of such incidents. Log4shell has left the cybersecurity world with more questions than answers,” he adds.

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