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Swisscom IT Services Launches Cloud Storage Services Powered by CTERA Networks

Selects CTERA to Deliver Data Protection and File Collaboration to Business Customers

Petach Tikvah, Israel, March 7, 2012 – CTERA Networks, the leader in cloud storage enablement, announced today that Swisscom IT Services, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Swisscom AG, one of Europe’s leading telecommunications providers, is launching a range of Swisscom-branded cloud data protection and file collaboration services based on CTERA Networks’ Cloud Attached Storage® technology.

Swisscom IT Services ranks as one of the top European providers specializing in the integration and operation of complex IT systems, and provides IT outsourcing and managed services to approximately 400 enterprise customers in Switzerland, Luxembourg, Germany, Austria and Singapore.

CTERA’s Cloud Attached Storage solution empowers cloud owners to create, provision and manage a variety of storage services, such as backup and recovery, cloud on-ramping, file sharing, and mobile collaboration. The solution uses hybrid deployment architecture, consisting of a cloud-side service delivery platform, on-premises cloud storage gateways, and managed end-point agents. It gives service providers the flexibility to use the back-end storage infrastructure of their choice, while ensuring end-to-end security and optimized performance.

Swisscom IT Services chose CTERA’s solution for its flexibility in delivering multiple services using a unified management platform; its ability to deliver those services in mixed environments that include mobile users, remote offices and virtualized hosted servers; and its seamless integration with Swisscom’s existing object storage datacenter infrastructure.

“We were looking for the optimal solution to extend cloud storage into a variety of business applications. After an extensive evaluation of cloud storage enablers, we found that CTERA provided the best value and best fit to the services we wanted to launch,” said Donat Kaeser, product manager at Swisscom IT Services. “It’s a very flexible solution that provides a rich set of backup and file sharing features right out of the box, with enterprise-grade security and robustness,” he added.

Swisscom is using CTERA’s technology to deliver three different Swisscom-branded services:

  • Managed local file storage: A file server replacement, using CTERA’s appliances at the customer premises, delivering LAN-speed performance to end users along with managed off-site backup to Swisscom’s cloud.
  • StoreBox: Personal storage for business: An application for consumer-style file sharing for businesses, allowing ubiquitous access and sharing of files across platforms including laptops, smartphones and tablets. It features enterprise-grade encryption and strong authentication based on customers’ existing Active Directory.
  • Enhanced backup: CTERA Agents are used for adding cloud-based data protection to existing hosted server environments, transferring them to a “vault” where multiple snapshots are kept for long retention periods.

“Swisscom IT Services is world-class service provider with a long tradition of innovation, and we are excited to partner with them,” said Liran Eshel, CEO of CTERA Networks. “Our leading edge cloud storage enablement solution will help Swisscom on-ramp their customers to the cloud with secure and feature-rich cloud storage services.”


About CTERA Networks

CTERA Networks revolutionizes data protection and file collaboration for SMBs and enterprise branch offices with Cloud Attached Storage®, a hybrid solution that combines secure cloud storage services with on-premises appliances in an all-in-one solution for backup and recovery, file sharing and mobile collaboration. CTERA Networks was the first company to introduce cloud storage gateway appliances, and its scalable cloud service delivery platform empowers service providers and IT resellers to easily deliver cloud storage services to their customers, using the public or private cloud backend of their choice. For more information, visit

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About Swisscom IT Services AG

Swisscom IT Services ranks as one of the leading Swiss providers specialising in the integration and operation of complex IT systems. The Swisscom subsidiary’s core skills lie in the fields of IT outsourcing services, workplace services, SAP services and financial services (services for the financial industry). The 3,000 employees of Swisscom IT Services look after approximately 400 customers in Switzerland, Luxembourg, Germany, Austria and Singapore. For more information about Swisscom IT Services please visit the corporate website at

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