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Israel in the light of new technologies





Israel in the light of new technologies

With less than 10 million inhabitants, it is a breeding ground for technological innovations. Local IT companies introduce many innovative solutions to the global market, which competitors from Silicon Valley would be proud of.

CTERA: billions of files under control

Unstructured data environments are slowly descending into chaos. The sheer amount of this type of data (some of it is completely unnecessary) makes IT departments dizzy. But this is not the only problem, because there are also heterogeneous storage systems, as well as excessive dispersion of digital resources in different locations, sometimes thousands of kilometers apart. Entrepreneurs trying to tame the growth of unstructured data are not defenseless in this fight. CTERA, NetApp, Nasuni and Hammerspace offer solutions that integrate local data warehouses with public, private and hybrid clouds. Thus, the user gains access to data in one place, regardless of the location of files or objects.

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