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Israel in the light of new technologies

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Israel is invariably a breeding ground for technological innovations, and local IT companies regularly introduce a number of solutions to the global market that can confidently compete with the products of global IT giants.

In Israel, there are about 1,000 inhabitants of this country per one startup, and no other country in the world can boast of such an indicator. The success of local companies consists of several factors: creativity, state money, but also … close ties with the United States.

In March, the Israeli company made a change of CEO, which resulted in Oded Nagel replacing Liran Eshel. The new CEO draws attention to the fact that a decade ago, negotiating with clients was significantly different from today. Most often they asked about IOPS, backups, compression or deduplication. However, in the last five years the situation has fundamentally changed.

“People want to talk to us about data compliance and mobility, specifically about accessing it from anywhere. Recently, issues such as the possibility of cooperation of heterogeneous systems, resistance to cyberattacks or running scalable applications in public, private and hybrid clouds are beginning to emerge. A new trend is also emerging in the form of DataOps, says Oded Nagel.

CTERA has introduced several innovations to its solution, and proprietary ransomware protection comes to the fore.

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