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Industry Experts Share Insights and Reflections on Earth Day 2023: Celebrating Our Planet





Happy Earth Day everyone! Today, on April 22, the world unites to support environmental protection, and industries worldwide are stepping up to do their part, including the tech sector.

With data, AI, and cloud computing at the forefront of business operations, companies have a unique opportunity to take control of their sustainability efforts. However, as the technology industry continues to grow, it faces the challenge of mitigating the impact of data centers and IT infrastructure on the environment and natural resource consumption.

In honor of Earth Day 2023, VMblog has reached out to several industry experts to gain their insights and spread awareness of the importance of environmental responsibility within the technology community.


Aron Brand, CTO of CTERA

“It is exhilarating to observe the transformative influence of hyperscale cloud providers like AWS and Azure on the sustainability frontier. Their massive scale and technological prowess enable them to invest in expensive eco-friendly measures, making their commitment to the environment both viable and impactful. This dedication arises not only from their fervor for eco-consciousness but also from the economic necessity to reduce power consumption – a vital aspect of their operational costs.

The true potential of sustainability, however, is unlocked through the art of resource pooling, which significantly curtails idle and wasted capacity across both compute and storage realms. By adopting a hybrid cloud approach, modern enterprises can harness the exceptional efficiency of hyperscaler data centers and eradicate superfluous capacity, thereby cutting costs and substantially shrinking their carbon footprint. The hybrid cloud model sets the stage for a greener tomorrow, where businesses can thrive without jeopardizing our planet’s well-being.”


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