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Hitachi Vantara taps CTERA’s cloudy file services

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Hitachi Vantara has entered an OEM deal with CTERA for file and data management services with the Hitachi Content Platform storing the data.

CTERA provides edge-to-core-to-cloud global file system and management services that can be based in the public cloud or use an on-premises object store for its data. Accessing users in datacenters or remote edge locations have caching edge filer facilities to speed file IO. The Hitachi Content Platform (HCP) has all-flash and disk-based nodes and supports S3. Hitachi V likes OEM and similar deals for HCP. In July 2020, it signed up to OEM WekaIO’s fast file system software, integrated with HCP. It signed a deal in January with Model9 to feed mainframe data to its HCP and VSP 5000 storage systems.

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