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Global File Systems Come to the Manufacturing Sector

Festo is a world leader in industrial automation technology. The company, based in Germany, has over 21,000 employees located all over the world in 170 locations, and needed a new and effective way to modernize its file services infrastructure to bridge the edge-to-cloud gap for its worldwide locations. Remediation of bandwidth and latency issues were the priorities at Festo. CTERA helped close the gaps the company was experiencing and provided what Marcus Masching, Head of IT Computing Services at Festo called the “the best user experience.” Today, Festo has more than 50 locations running cloud-based CTERA edge filers, supporting locations from 5 to 5000 employees at a time, all over the globe.

“CTERA helped us transform from local on premises infrastructure to scalable cloud-based services reducing costs and TCO,” said Masching.

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