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GigaOm Names CTERA the Leader in Distributed Cloud File Storage

CTERA Achieves Outstanding Ratings in GigaOm Radar Report,
Designated “Leader” and “Outperformer”

New York City – September 7, 2021 – CTERA today announced it has been named the leader in the GigaOm 2021 Radar Report for Distributed Cloud File Storage. CTERA received outstanding scores from the GigaOm analyst team against well-defined criteria to become the sole vendor to achieve both “Leader” and “Outperformer” designation in the Radar.

According to the report, “CTERA is the leader of this radar and also leads the innovation/platform-oriented solutions pack thanks to a comprehensive and well-balanced approach to addressing the challenges of distributed cloud file storage and collaboration. The solution achieves outstanding ratings amongst a majority of key criteria and evaluation metrics.”

The GigaOm Radar further praised CTERA as “the absolute leader in terms of edge deployment capabilities, providing organizations with the highest flexibility, enabling simplified edge data access and offering comprehensive edge deployment options.”

Distributed cloud file storage represents a rapidly growing market as IT organizations restructure how corporate users access, share, and collaborate on files in an increasingly hybrid work environment. CTERA helps enterprises close the gap between the limitations of traditional file storage and today’s requirements for fast and secure user and application data access anywhere. The CTERA Enterprise File Services Platform is the only distributed cloud file storage solution to unite core, branch, and home offices under a single namespace, extending the corporate file system to the far edge of the network while maintaining centralized data control and maximum security.

“With a singular focus on enabling simplified and secure edge access anywhere to a global file system, CTERA demonstrates a highly innovative and flexible approach to distributed cloud file storage and is well-positioned to lead the enterprise transition to a new era of work,” said Enrico Signoretti, Research Analyst, GigaOm.

CTERA’s leadership position in the GigaOm Radar is the latest in an unmatched string of cloud file storage recognition. Industry plaudits in 2021 include:

“Our GigaOm Radar leadership position is predicated on offering distributed organizations unparalleled freedom of choice over their file infrastructure from edge to cloud,” said Liran Eshel, CEO and co-founder, CTERA. “It’s a terrific honor to be recognized for extending the corporate file system to the far edge and enabling HQ-grade experiences for any user and any device.”

To learn more, download the GigaOm Radar for Distributed Cloud File Storage.


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