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CTERA Vault Bolsters Cyber Resiliency and Compliance

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The News: CTERA announced the launch of a new cyber resiliency functionality called CTERA Vault. The Vault feature adds Write Once Read Many (WORM) functionality to provide immutable data. More information can be found in the Press Release available on the CTERA website.

CTERA Vault Bolsters Cyber Resiliency and Compliance
Analyst Take: The latest announcement from CTERA introduces a new capability for the global file system platform: CTERA Vault. The CTERA Vault feature provides the ability to store data in an immutable fashion, known as Write Once Read Many (WORM). The addition of WORM immutability provides a big boost to the data protection and cyber resiliency capabilities of the CTERA Enterprise Files Services Platform.

The Vault solution announced by CTERA provides the capability to create WORM Cloud Folders with added flexibility to set custom retention periods. The Vault solution is managed through the centralized CTERA Portal.

Data immutability is a highly sought after capability in many environments, specifically for data resiliency, data protection, and regulatory compliance requirements. WORM-designated data copies, such as those created with CTERA Vault, apply retention periods with role-based control to inhibit modifying or otherwise tampering with the data. From this regard, WORM lock capabilities are a standard best practice for ensuring data integrity in the face of rising cyberattacks such as ransomware. It is also an important checkbox for meeting certain compliance regulations.

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