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CTERA Networks Launches CloudPlug and C200 Cloud Attached Storage Appliances; Successfully Combines Network Attached Storage and Online Backup

CTERA CloudPlug and CTERA C200


Integrated appliance and cloud service aims to solve storage and data protection dilemma for ‘prosumers’ and small businesses; CTERA teams with The Rackspace Cloud

Petach Tikva, Israel and Palo Alto, Calif. – October 6, 2009 – CTERA Networks Ltd., an innovator in small business storage and data protection, today announced the general availability of the company’s first two Cloud Attached Storage™ devices: the CTERA CloudPlug™ and the CTERA C200™, seamlessly combining the performance of local network-attached storage (NAS) with the reliability of online backup.

The CTERA CloudPlug is a small plug computing device that transforms any USB or eSATA hard drive into network-attached storage (NAS) with integrated online backup. Ideal for small offices and high-demand consumers, the CloudPlug is extremely easy to install (plug in an external drive, plug into the network, plug into a wall), and very simple to manage via an online portal – no desktop software required. The CTERA CloudPlug is powered by Marvell® Sheeva™ CPU technology (NASDAQ: MRVL).

For more demanding small businesses and branch offices, the CTERA C200™ is a two-bay RAID-capable network storage appliance with automatic online backup. The C200 supports dual hot-swappable SATA hard drives, and automatically backs up network computers and servers to secure cloud storage.

In addition, CTERA also today announced that Rackspace, the world’s leader in hosting and cloud computing has agreed to promote and market the CloudPlug via online and channel programs.

“At the same time that NAS is gaining popularity in the small business sector, cloud technology is driving the adoption of new services that offer smaller companies cost effective access to the latest technologies,” said Liran Eshel, CEO of CTERA Networks. “By marrying the two in our first two Cloud Attached Storage appliances, users get the best of both technologies in a single solution. It’s a natural evolutionary step in the industry, and we’re very pleased to work with Rackspace to tap this market.”

CTERA is working with managed service providers to offer next-generation data protection services, and both the CloudPlug and C200 are remotely manageable using CTERA’s management portal, which provides for full provisioning, monitoring, billing and remote upgrade capabilities. Among those is global hosting leader Rackspace. “CTERA is embracing the cloud in a new way – by leveraging the benefits of a traditional customer-premise solution with all the flexibility and scalability of the cloud,” said Jim Curry, vice president of corporate development for Rackspace (NYSE: RAX). “We are very pleased to be offering CTERA’s solutions as part of our Rackspace Cloud Tools initiative.”

Solution Highlights

  • Integrates online and local backup to protect files against data loss
  • Provides encrypted, bandwidth-efficient online backup
  • Automatically synchronizes data from PCs and file servers to fast local storage
  • Enables users to access and restore files from anywhere using a web based portal

About the CTERA CloudPlug

  • A tiny device that transforms external hard drives into a file server with integrated online backup
  • Designed for the needs of small offices and prosumers
  • Super easy installation – Connect an Ethernet cable to one end, an external hard drive into the other, and plug the unit into the wall
  • High speed – Boasts USB 2.0, eSATA and gigabit Ethernet connections for blazing local throughput

About the CTERA C200

  • A two-bay RAID appliance with integrated online backup, supporting dual 3.0Gbps SATA hard drives and gigabit Ethernet
  • An ideal storage and data protection solution for SMBs

“CTERA’s incredibly easy to use platform represents the next generation of storage. Combining a NAS appliance with cloud services makes sense, and the small, easy-to-install plug-and-play form factor is ideal for small businesses lacking dedicated IT staff,” said Rob Enderle, principal analyst at Enderle Group.

“Marvell is pleased to see CTERA ship an online backup device based on Marvell’s Plug Computing initiative,” said Dr. Simon Milner, Vice President and General Manager of the Enterprise Business Unit, Consumer and Communications Business Group at Marvell Semiconductor. “We are delighted to see another partner take advantage of the SheevaPlug™ to create a new product addressing today’s increasing consumer and business storage needs.”

The Marvell SheevaPlug is designed to enable high-performance, always on, always connected, and environmentally friendly computing that is readily available for developers and end-users. A Plug Computer is designed to draw so little power that it can be left on all of the time. Unlike other embedded devices in the home, it contains a gigahertz class processor designed to offer PC class performance. Plug Computing has been quickly expanding, bringing users new devices, services, and value-added applications, as well as delivering advanced avenues for network connectivity.

Availability and Pricing

CTERA is offering an introductory bundle that includes a CloudPlug with 1 year of 10GB online backup service for $199. Options for additional online backup space are available starting $9.95/month. CTERA C200 starts at $499 Including 1 year of online backup.

CTERA C200 and CloudPlug are available for order through select channel partners. The CloudPlug is also available for purchase online today. To locate a partner or purchase online visit

More information about CTERA Networks products and partnership opportunities is available at, or via email at

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