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Storage Field Day 22: Distributed File Services at the Far Edge

CTERA had the opportunity last month to appear live at Storage Field Day (SFD) 22, where my colleagues and I shared our insights on distributed cloud file services with independent thought leaders and influencers in the IT storage space.

Beyond presenting our company vision, sharing customer stories and conducting short product demos, #SFD22 also allowed us to delve into the key challenges facing IT departments as they wrestle with multi-cloud unstructured data management.

Here’s a quick summary of our sessions:

Company Overview – Liran Eshel, CEO and Founder

Liran outlined CTERA’s technology vision for meeting distributed enterprise unstructured data management challenges. Our multi-cloud Global File System architecture enables enterprises to connect remote sites to any cloud without compromising security or performance. Our platform is being used to support diverse use cases – from NAS modernization and remote workforce enablement to multi-site collaboration and hybrid media file services, among others.








Customer Stories – Jim Crook, Senior Director of Marketing

It’s always fun to share CTERA’s all-star list of customers, including 50 global Fortune 500 companies (GE, McDonalds, Samsung, etc.), as well as numerous federal and defense agencies (U.S. Navy, U.S. Air Force and others).

I also shared three case studies highlighting the diverse ways customers are benefiting from CTERA:

  • How The Carlyle Group modernized remote file storage for dozens of global sites, enabling built-in business continuity and global file sharing.
  • How Gore retired its legacy NAS across global sites using the CTERA 7.0 automated migration utility for fast data migration.
  • How Irish Prison Services stores video surveillance files locally for 30 days and then automatically evicts files to object storage.








Demos – Shannon Pope, Director of Customer Success

After talking about what CTERA does and the benefits it provides to customers, Shannon’s demo session showed how the platform works from an end user perspective:

  • How to spin up a CTERA Edge filer, map a network drive, download cached files, pin files, sync with GFS, restore data and more
  • CTERA Drive’s key functionality such as real-time sync and share, accessing My Files and Shared Files folders, and bringing cached files from the cloud to device
  • CTERA Mobile’s ability to enable secure, anytime anywhere file services for remote and on-the-go users








Technical Deep Dive – Aron Brand, CTO

As befitting his title, Aron concluded with an “under the hood” look into CTERA’s multi-cloud GFS technology. Aron also discussed CTERA’s advanced data management and file transfer performance features, including a hybrid consistency model honed to maximize scalability, as well as data placement policies and data mobility between clouds. As well, Aron presented on how CTERA’s zero trust architecture ensures that edge devices never possess credentials to object storage, while data is always protected by dual AES-256 encryption.








To learn more about CTERA products and technologies, watch the recorded presentations from Storage Field Day 22.

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