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CTERA CEO Liran Eshel on The French Storage Podcast

Liran Eshel, CTERA’s CEO and Co-Founder, joined The French Storage Podcast last week and was interviewed by Philippe Nicolas. In April, Philippe visited our corporate headquarters as part of the 43rd IT Press Tour in Israel. Listen to this podcast to hear Liran talk about the company’s background, current status, and product information.

In particular, he covers topics such as:

  • The evolution of cloud and object storage
  • How CTERA bridges the gap between NAS and object storage
  • How CTERA’s intelligent caching technology gives local file performance while leveraging economical cloud storage
  • How CTERA’s star architecture can provide unlimited scalability
  • The 4 key components of CTERA’s products: CTERA Edge Filers, CTERA Drive, CTERA Portal, and CTERA Insight
  • How CTERA can help defend and recover from Ransomware attacks
  • How CTERA’s SDK can support the needs of DevOps

Listen to the podcast here:

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