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Harnessing the Data Revolution in Manufacturing with CTERA

Since my earliest memories, I’ve been captivated by the process of how things are made. From dismantling toys as a child to delving into the inner workings of everyday objects, I’ve developed a profound appreciation for the craftsmanship and ingenuity that brings ideas to life. That’s why I’m excited to delve into a topic that’s close to my heart – transforming the manufacturing industry through cutting-edge data management solutions. At CTERA, we’re passionate about making the lives of engineers easier by solving the thorny problems associated with unstructured data, a byproduct of the ever-evolving Industry 4.0 and 5.0 paradigms.

Industry in the Age of Data

The industrial segment today, with manufacturing in particular, is an intricate tapestry of IoT, robotics, AI, computer vision, and additive manufacturing. This modern industrial revolution, though innovative and empowering, creates a staggering amount of data, calling for a robust, efficient, and secure data management system. As a tech enthusiast and CTERA’s CTO, I am proud to introduce our holistic solution designed to navigate the data deluge in the manufacturing landscape.

CTERA’s Panacea: Transcending the Traditional

Our solution empowers manufacturing firms to modernize aging NAS file services, thereby managing and sharing data efficiently across disparate locations. By integrating hybrid cloud architecture, CTERA’s platform provides a seamless, global file access solution from edge to cloud, enhancing collaboration on large files, caching frequently accessed data, and offering compatibility with industry-specific applications like Solidworks, Teamcenter, AutoCAD, and CATIA.

Conquering Connectivity Conundrums

Unstable network connections and latency issues can wreak havoc on your production line and project timelines. Our platform’s edge caching capabilities ensure quick access to vital files and data, thus eliminating downtime, fostering productivity, and enabling multi-site collaboration securely, without requiring VPN.

Security and Scalability: The Dual Saviors

In the face of increasing cyber threats and a growing volume of data, CTERA employs AI-based ransomware detection and robust instant rollback features. By leveraging air-gapped, immutable snapshots, our platform provides resilient protection against both man-made cyber threats and natural disasters. In addition, our system scales effortlessly with your growing data requirements, thereby reducing storage costs by up to 80% and minimizing the need for local IT staff and costly truck-rolls.

Real-Life Success: FESTO & Churchill

Our collaboration with FESTO, a leader in industrial automation technology, and Churchill, a global provider of top-quality tabletop solutions, attests to the efficacy and versatility of our platform.

FESTO, struggling with managing file services for remote locations, found their panacea in our edge-to-cloud approach. CTERA’s Global File System supported users in over 50 locations worldwide, enabling local file access for optimal user experience and aiding FESTO in achieving their cloud transformation goals while reducing IT costs.

Churchill, dealing with increasing storage requirements, was another company who turned to CTERA to replace its legacy storage services. Our Global File System not only offered unlimited storage and streamlined data management but also facilitated seamless file access and collaboration for their work-from-home users during the COVID-19 outbreak.

Revolutionizing Manufacturing with Edge to Cloud File Services

At CTERA, we’re passionate about harnessing the power of data science, machine learning, and global file access to revolutionize manufacturing. We’re proud of our comprehensive solution suite that keeps your data secure, facilitates global file collaboration, and puts powerful data analytics at your fingertips.

Join us as we explore the future of data management for manufacturing!

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