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Fueling Digital Transformation in the Oil, Gas and Chemical Industries

The oil, gas and chemical industries are pivotal to our everyday lives and global economies. These sectors face unique and increasingly complex challenges, especially in terms of managing vast quantities of data. According to Ashild Hanne Larsen, CTO of Equinor, an incredible 80% of employee time in these industries is spent looking through unstructured data in order to inform decisions.

At CTERA, we’re immensely proud of our role in modernizing this industry, offering our transformative edge-to-cloud global file system and security solutions tailored to the unique demands of these sectors. Our approach to file services effectively consolidates all business, SCADA, and CAD file data into a single large unstructured data lake, allowing organizations to manage immense data volumes with ease. By eliminating the reliance on vulnerable NAS hardware, we reduce business continuity risks and enhance security with instant disaster recovery and AI-based ransomware detection.

Bringing Data Science to the Forefront

The evolution of data science and the growing need for sophisticated data analysis tools are not lost on us. With this in mind, CTERA has integrated the popular Python programming language into its platform, using a powerful SDK. This integration empowers data scientists to work directly with large datasets, improving analysis efficiency and accuracy. Through our S3-compatible interfaces, we enable organizations to store and retrieve large amounts of data at any time, from anywhere on the web.

Through the new S3 interface we have also integrated our platform with Jupyter notebooks, a favorite tool among scientists. This powerful integration facilitates the seamless analysis of seismic data, well logs, and reservoir simulations. It not only improves collaboration among data scientists but also enables them to extract meaningful insights that drive operational efficiency.

A New Standard in Industrial Security

We fully understand the critical nature of data security in these industries. That’s why our platform incorporates military-grade FIPS certified encryption, AI-powered ransomware detection, and instant disaster recovery capabilities. We are proud to offer this comprehensive solution that safeguards essential infrastructure and sensitive industrial data from potential cyber threats and sabotage.

Real World Impact: A Success Story

Our solutions have already been widely implemented in the petrochemicals industry. In one case, after a natural disaster caused significant data loss and operational issues for a global petrochemicals leader, we worked with them to deploy caching edge filers across multiple critical infrastructure sites.

The company’s seamless failover from remote sites to the data center significantly reduced the 48-hour disaster recovery process they previously experienced. Our solutions have also improved file access auditing, ensuring enhanced security and compliance.

Navigating the Future

At CTERA, we are passionate about facilitating the digital transformation of the oil, gas and chemical industries. We firmly believe in the power of data and are dedicated to helping these sectors unlock the full potential of their data through our innovative solutions.

We’re excited for the future, as we continue to solve complex problems and contribute to the modernization of these vital industries. Join us in our journey to revolutionize the oil, gas and chemical industries, one data point at a time.

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