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The Impact of Digital Changes on the Future of the Oil, Gas, and Chemical Industries

Refreshed with new statistics and insights to reflect recent changes to the oil, gas and chemical industries.

CTERA Simplifies Data Management for Oil, Gas and Chemical Organizations

The oil, gas, and chemical industries are the backbone of modern civilization and the global economy. These sectors are confronted with unique and increasingly complex challenges, particularly in managing massive volumes of data. CTO of Equinor, Ashild Hanne Larsen, highlights that an astounding 80% of employee time in these industries is spent browsing unstructured data to inform business decisions.

CTERA is proudly leading the charge in modernizing these critical industries. Our cutting-edge edge-to-cloud global file system and security solutions are specifically designed to meet their unique needs. We simplify data management by consolidating all business, SCADA, and CAD file data into a unified, unstructured data lake. “By storing data in a unified repository in open-standards-based data formats,” reads an article from SiliconANGLE, “Data lakes allow you to break down silos, use a variety of analytics services to get the most insights from your data and cost-effectively grow your storage and data processing needs over time.”

In addition to the financial benefits, CTERA’s solutions reduce dependence on vulnerable NAS hardware, mitigate business continuity risks, and enhance security with instant disaster recovery and AI-driven ransomware detection.

Data Science at the Forefront

Recognizing the vital role of data science and the always-increasing demand for advanced data analysis tools, CTERA integrates the Python programming language into its platform through our SDK. This integration empowers data scientists to work efficiently with large datasets, enhancing analysis accuracy and speed. Our S3-compatible interfaces enable organizations to store and retrieve vast amounts of data anytime, anywhere on the web.

Enhanced Integration with Jupyter Notebooks

The CTERA Global File Services platform also integrates with Jupyter Notebooks, a preferred tool among data scientists. With both CTERA and Jupyter,  the analysis of seismic data, everything from logs to reservoir simulations, can be enhanced, creating more seamless collaboration among data scientists and enabling them to extract meaningful insights that drive operational efficiency. Additionally, CTERA supports real-time data processing and advanced machine learning models, further optimizing decision-making processes in complex industrial environments.

Expanding Analytical Horizons

CTERA’s platform is both flexible and scalable, allowing for users to perform a wide range of analytical tasks, from exploratory data analysis to predictive modeling. It’s exactly this flexibility that allows organizations to adapt to various data-driven challenges and opportunities, ensuring they remain at the forefront of innovation in the oil, gas, and chemical industries.

We’re Setting the Bar High in Industrial Security

We fully understand the critical nature of data security in these industries. That’s why our platform incorporates military-grade FIPS-certified encryption, AI-powered ransomware detection, and instant disaster recovery capabilities.

  • End-to-End Encryption: Ensures that all data, both at rest and in transit, is encrypted to prevent unauthorized access.
  • CTERA Ransom Protect: Utilizes machine learning algorithms to identify and mitigate ransomware threats in real time.
  • Data Exfiltration Prevention: Part of Ransom Protect, our honeypots add decoy files to identify bad actors proactively.
  • Instant Disaster Recovery: Provides quick recovery options to minimize downtime and data loss in the event of a disaster.
  • Zero-trust Architecture: CTERA Edge Filers never store or receive credentials for object storage. All storage operations are performed with single-use tokens provided by an authorization service in the CTERA Portal.

Commitment to Excellence

CTERA is committed to offering comprehensive solutions that safeguard essential infrastructure and sensitive industrial data from potential cyber threats and sabotage. Our platform not only protects data but also ensures operational resilience, giving organizations the confidence to focus on their core activities without worrying about security vulnerabilities. By integrating advanced security measures, we help businesses navigate the complexities of data protection in an increasingly digital world.

Our Customers’ Success Is Our Story

CTERA’s solutions have been successfully deployed in various high-stakes environments within the petrochemicals sector. For instance, after a natural disaster caused significant data loss and operational issues for a global petrochemicals leader, we assisted them in deploying caching edge filers across multiple critical infrastructure sites. This implementation reduced their disaster recovery time from 48 hours to mere moments, while also enhancing file access auditing, security, and compliance.

We’re Committed to Our Customers’ Future

At CTERA, we’re spearheading digital transformation in the oil, gas, and chemical industries. Our commitment to solving complex challenges and contributing to the modernization of these vital industries fills us with excitement for the future.

Embrace the future of data-driven innovation with CTERA, where every step forward is a leap toward greater efficiency, security, and insight.

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