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Embracing the Future: CTERA’s Cloud Streaming Technology

Meet the New Paradigm: Seamless Cloud-Based Editing, No Downloading Required

Video editors and creative professionals, it’s time to bid farewell to the tedium of waiting. Waiting for enormous media files to download. Waiting for remote storage access. Waiting for collaborative projects to finally kick-off. Here at CTERA, we proudly say, the waiting game ends now.

Let’s introduce CTERA Cloud Streaming, a pioneering technology built on the foundation of the CTERA Direct protocol, introduced last year. This innovative technology streamlines your creative workflow, allowing you to edit massive cloud-based files without needing to download them in their entirety. No more delays. No more productivity pitfalls. Just a smooth, efficient creative process at your fingertips.

Supercharging Creative Collaboration with CTERA Direct Protocol

Traditional storage systems have struggled to meet the demands of modern creative workflows. Limited connectivity and large files can transform downloading into a test of patience, stifling your creative process and inhibiting productivity.

The CTERA Direct protocol is designed differently. It employs up to 100 concurrent threads, enabling it to perform brilliantly even over high-latency internet connections. This means you can enjoy direct read/write access from the cloud, handling large files with ease, without the need to upload or download them in full.

Real-Time Collaboration: Bridging Distances and Enhancing Creative Synergy

In today’s world of remote work, distance can become a barrier to seamless collaboration. Our mission with CTERA Cloud Streaming is to eliminate this barrier, revolutionizing the way creative teams work together. With our technology, your team can collaborate in real-time, irrespective of their locations, using popular editing suites like Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe After Effects, Blackmagic Design DaVinci Resolve, and Apple Final Cut Pro.

The Power of CTERA Cloud Streaming in Action

Experience the power of our technology with the video demonstration below. Watch as two video editors, Adam and Robert, collaborate on a shared project from different locations using Adobe Premiere Pro – without waiting for downloads!

Unlocking the Full Potential of Creative Workflows

CTERA’s Cloud Streaming Technology is not just about seamless editing, it’s about a comprehensive transformation of your creative workflows.

It guarantees that your projects are always up to date, ensuring a collaborative environment where every team member has real-time access to the latest version of the project. The burden of countless hours wasted on downloads, relinking, and solving issues with duplicate files becomes a thing of the past as our technology eliminates the need for downloading entirely.

It’s time to break free from the constraints of traditional workflows and embrace the future with CTERA’s Cloud Streaming Technology. Welcome to the era of seamless, cloud-based creative workflows. Welcome to CTERA Cloud Streaming.

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