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CTERA Enhances Data Security Through Collaboration with Concentric AI

The sheer volume of data that organizations generate and use, as well as the distributed nature of the modern workforce, has led to a number of critical challenges when it comes to managing data. These challenges include performance, security, cost, and compliance.

CTERA addresses all of these challenges in one powerful, elegant solution. It enables centralized data access from any edge location or device without compromising performance or security. And now, through a recently announced partnership with Concentric AI, the company further bolsters its offering to customers with industry-leading Data Security Posture Management (DSPM).

CTERA offers clients the ability to seamlessly integrate Concentric AI’s Semantic Intelligence™ solution into their environment by deploying an edge filer that acts as a cache server for Concentric AI’s DSPM capabilities.

The Importance of Data Security Posture Management

In a distributed enterprise with an increasingly remote workforce, the need to ensure that unstructured file data is private and secure is paramount for success. Files can contain sensitive enterprise data, such as intellectual property or customer information, and they must be protected from theft, leakage, and loss.

Enter Data Security Posture Management (DSPM), a data-first approach to securing data, which enables you to gain a clear view of the where, who and how of your sensitive data: where it is, who has access to it, and how it has been used.

Keeping track of organizational data is supremely difficult, and this task becomes more urgent when sensitive data is involved. Companies have to secure their intellectual property, financial records, PII/PCI/PHI data, and other confidential information; both from a security, and from a compliance standpoint. With the right DSPM solution in place, you can have the required visibility into your data.

For example, an organization can now know exactly how many sensitive legal documents they are storing, from NDAs to stock agreements, by filtering for files that match “legal” and “high risk” categories. They can know where these documents are currently being stored for data sovereignty purposes, who has access to them, and how they’re being used – including if they’re being shared outside the company, or even with an ex-employee.

Increased functionality

CTERA recently released its Intelligent Cloud Storage Routing functionality, giving customers unprecedented control over data placement, and enabling them to seamlessly maintain data sovereignty and GDPR compliance. And with CTERA’s military-grade security in place, including zero-trust architecture, customers can rest assured that their data could not be better protected.

Now, together with Concentric AI’s solution, CTERA gives customers even more power. The solution protects critical data and mitigates data security risks, and its Semantic Intelligence™ solution helps find, evaluate, and protect personal, health, and financial data to meet regulatory requirements and prevent data compromise.

The Semantic Intelligence™ Dashboard, providing an at-a-glance overview of the global file system

The Concentric AI Semantic Intelligence™ Dashboard, providing an at-a-glance overview of the global file system

The analysis and breakdown of the global file system by category

The analysis and breakdown of the global file system by category

Oded Nagel, Chief Strategy Officer at CTERA, noted that “We believe that data management needs to evolve from IOPS to DataOps, from being focused solely on storage performance to a more holistic approach that considers the data itself.”

He continued, “As data continues to grow, it’s becoming increasingly important to use AI to help manage it effectively. Our partnership with Concentric AI allows our customers to harness the power of AI to more efficiently manage, protect, and control their data, from edge to cloud.”

Karthik Krishnan, Concentric AI CEO, added that “Concentric AI’s advanced deep-learning technology solves the ongoing challenges of cloud data security and improves data security posture management.” Krishnan also noted that “Our seamless integration with CTERA provides customers with complex cloud environments with a simple, autonomous solution that can discover sensitive and regulated data, and deliver a comprehensive picture of where these critical data elements reside. Our customers get the AI-based tools they need for a complete and accurate picture of their most sensitive data assets.”

By partnering together, the two companies can help our customers find, evaluate, store, and protect their growing volumes of sensitive data, wherever it may be.

Customers Get More

CTERA and Concentric AI customers now get more, thanks to this partnership. They can enjoy increased performance and reduced costs, industry-leading security, maximum compliance, and a whole lot more.

To learn more about how you can benefit from CTERA’s solution, or to see the world leader in Enterprise File Services in action on a live demo, click here or get in touch.

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