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CTERA Drive gives corporate users the power to access, share and back up files using a modern collaboration interface. Desktop and mobile apps enable secure file sync and endpoint backup from any device, anywhere.

Data Follows Users
Maximize productivity by keeping hot data at your users' fingertips - anywhere, anytime - with seamless roaming between branch gateways and desktop/mobile clients.
Total Protection
Protect data with non-intrusive endpoint backup to the enterprise cloud. Safeguard files against ransomware, while enabling easy PC replacement and quick recovery from data loss.
Your Cloud
Retain full control over data residency, security and costs with the option to deploy CTERA 100% within your datacenter or cloud infrastructure.

Multi-folder Sync

Provide users with secure and vendor-neutral file sharing while retaining full control over enterprise data. Deploy CTERA in your datacenter or as a ‘virtual private’ solution that leverages public cloud infrastructure.

Smart Caching

The cloud file system is presented as an infinite local drive on the user’s PC. Smart pre-fetching keeps frequently accessed data local using a configurable and scalable cache for optimal productivity and performance.

Secure Sharing

Regardless of your team’s whereabouts, CTERA Drive makes it easy to get work done on time by collaborating on shared projects. Create shared workspaces and drives with end-to-end security, syncing and management.

Endpoint Backup

CTERA Agents perform backup for Windows and Linux-based servers in remote offices, or for virtual servers in any cloud.

Native, Secure Mobile Apps

The CTERA Mobile app enables users to securely access, download, and share files from any Android, iOS or Windows mobile device. The app can be privately branded to drive user adoption, and files can be remotely shredded in case of device loss, theft, etc.

CTERA Drive Benefits

Modern Collaboration

Real-time collaboration among distributed teams accelerates workflows and improves productivity. Using CTERA’s Global File System, any number of users can edit, collaborate, and share files as if they were working under one roof.

Unlimited Capacity

Never run out of hard disk space again. CTERA Drive lets users enjoy unbridled desktop access to any number of cloud-based files and folders, regardless of their devices’ physical storage capacity.

Business Continuity

Improve productivity by accessing files directly from your computer, without waiting for files to sync. Work on cloud files like you do on your network drive, but without the network storage infrastructure costs. CTERA Drive supports Windows, Mac, Linux and VDI environments.


CTERA Drive applications are optimized for highly efficient and end-to-end secure transmission of data across the network. Military-grade security features, such as virtual private cloud and source-based encryption, ensure data protection, control and governance.

CTERA Drive Solutions
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