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Wasabi and CTERA

The CTERA file services platform connects the cloud with on-premises locations and roaming users over a single namespace using edge filers and endpoint agents that provide local caching and end-to-end encryption. By unifying local file services with cloud-based object storage service powered by Wasabi, the solution allows businesses to modernize every aspect of their distributed file services delivery, including headquarters and remote offices, work-from-home laptops, Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI), and mobile.

CTERA Wasabi Solution Brief

Customer Benefits
Low-cost, fast, reliable cloud storage on-demand.
No hidden costs or egress fees
Holistic unstructured data management from edge to cloud
Modern file sharing experiences
Centralized cloud file storage with local performance
Zero-minute disaster recovery
Eleven nines (99.999999999%) of data durability and object immutability
Simple to procure and expand on-demand
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