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CloudOps Server Backup Simplified

In-Cloud and Cross-Cloud Data Protection

File-Level Data Protection and Recovery for Cloud Servers

CTERA Cloud Server Data Protection enables enterprise IT organizations to protect any number of cloud servers across any software-defined infrastructure.

File-Level Data Protection

  • Simple server backup agents for Windows and Linux environments, deployable on any server in any cloud
  • “Incremental-forever” backup architecture
  • User-managed backup and recovery options

In-Cloud & Cross-Cloud Data Protection

  • Flexible data protection spanning multiple public clouds and on-premises private cloud data centers
  • Users can back up applications in any cloud to cloud/object storage in any other cloud

Application-Aware Backup & Recovery

  • Application-consistent backups of Windows Server tools
  • Support for Active Directory, DFS, Exchange, Sharepoint, SQL
  • CTERA VSS integration enables application consistent backup and recovery with file-level granularity

Integrate Into Service Catalogs

  • APIs integrate with IT service catalogs to create automated service provisioning, delivery and chargeback
  • Implement CTERA Backup-As-a-Service apps within an enterprise app store
  • Leverage CTERA management tools to support your ITIL agenda

Cloud Agnostic & Fully Automated. Your CloudOps Backup-as-a-Service Platform.

CTERA Cloud Server Data Protection offers a comprehensive solution for data protection that powers a new era of multi-cloud services and IT-as-a-Service delivery.

Centralized, Web-Scale Management

  • Scale-out platform architecture delivers Backup-as-a-Service to 10,000s of servers and cloud tenants
  • Manage all servers, users, backups from a single console
  • Global de-duplication architecture features extremely high efficiency and deduplication rates as the platform scales

Multi-Tenant Security & Administration

  • Multi-tenant cloud orchestration enables isolation of application backup files with unique encryption keys to ensure data is never recovered to the wrong user
  • Services scale through a delegated administration model where tenant admins can provision and manage their own environments
  • Global admins manage overall platform, but can be prevented from accessing tenant data

Your Choice of Cloud Infrastructure

  • Store backups in the data center/storage of your choice with no vendor lock-in
  • CTERA’s native object storage integrations reduce costs 80-90% compared to traditional enterprise backup infrastructure
  • Eliminate the need for proprietary deduplication hardware appliances

Service Plans and Templates

  • Service plans and plan templates enable scalable management to simplify provisioning of services
  • Templates can be defined by machine, application, user, etc.
  • Agents can be automatically deployed to servers via Active Directory and templates can automatically assign themselves
  • Automation & APIs enable all aspects of backup service provisioning, monitoring and billing to be fully automated

In-Cloud Data Protection Architecture

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