CloudOps Server Backup Simplified

In-Cloud and Cross-Cloud Data Protection

File-Level Data Protection and Recovery for Cloud Servers

CTERA Cloud Server Data Protection enables enterprise IT organizations to protect any number of cloud servers across any software-defined infrastructure.

File-Level Data Protection

  • Simple server backup agents for Windows and Linux environments, deployable on any server in any cloud
  • “Incremental-forever” backup architecture
  • User-managed backup and recovery options

In-Cloud & Cross-Cloud Data Protection

  • Flexible data protection spanning multiple public clouds and on-premises private cloud data centers
  • Users can back up applications in any cloud to cloud/object storage in any other cloud

Application-Aware Backup & Recovery

  • Application-consistent backups of Windows Server tools
  • Support for Active Directory, DFS, Exchange, Sharepoint, SQL
  • CTERA VSS integration enables application consistent backup and recovery with file-level granularity

Integrate Into Service Catalogs

  • APIs integrate with IT service catalogs to create automated service provisioning, delivery and chargeback
  • Implement CTERA Backup-As-a-Service apps within an enterprise app store
  • Leverage CTERA management tools to support your ITIL agenda

Cloud Agnostic & Fully Automated. Your CloudOps Backup-as-a-Service Platform.

CTERA Cloud Server Data Protection offers a comprehensive solution for data protection that powers a new era of multi-cloud services and IT-as-a-Service delivery.

Centralized, Web-Scale Management

  • Scale-out platform architecture delivers Backup-as-a-Service to 10,000s of servers and cloud tenants
  • Manage all servers, users, backups from a single console
  • Global de-duplication architecture features extremely high efficiency and deduplication rates as the platform scales

Multi-Tenant Security & Administration

  • Multi-tenant cloud orchestration enables isolation of application backup files with unique encryption keys to ensure data is never recovered to the wrong user
  • Services scale through a delegated administration model where tenant admins can provision and manage their own environments
  • Global admins manage overall platform, but can be prevented from accessing tenant data

Your Choice of Cloud Infrastructure

  • Store backups in the data center/storage of your choice with no vendor lock-in
  • CTERA’s native object storage integrations reduce costs 80-90% compared to traditional enterprise backup infrastructure
  • Eliminate the need for proprietary deduplication hardware appliances

Service Plans and Templates

  • Service plans and plan templates enable scalable management to simplify provisioning of services
  • Templates can be defined by machine, application, user, etc.
  • Agents can be automatically deployed to servers via Active Directory and templates can automatically assign themselves
  • Automation & APIs enable all aspects of backup service provisioning, monitoring and billing to be fully automated

In-Cloud Data Protection Architecture

CTERA enabled us to replace expensive tape backup, ensure SOX compliance and reduce TCO by 65%.

Antoine Boury, Head of Information Technology

CTERA 5.0 supports our vision of centrally managed, comprehensive and simple-to-use remote data services...

Matt McQuoid - Director of IT Operations

CTERA has enabled our IT team to transform its backup operation and become an internal service provider capable of delivering on-demand, cloud-based data protection services throughout the organization.

Joel Eagle - Senior Director Technology & Infrastructure

Data storage is exploding and we were getting to a point where we didn't know what or where our data was. With CTERA’s cloud solution now deployed in several global locations, we have the control we were looking for.

Armin Razavi - Head of Architecture Governance and Platforms