Digital Transformation for Media and Entertainment

Today's media and entertainment organizations face significant challenges in unstructured data growth, global content collaboration, and data protection. Traditional IT infrastructure isn’t equipped to meet these emerging file services requirements, but cloud solutions also pose challenges in the forms of performance and data security.

CTERA offers organizations a flexible and secure path to digital transformation. The CTERA platform enables organizations to simplify and modernize data infrastructure, future-proof against storage sprawl, and maintain high performance at the network edge.

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CTERA Helps Media and Entertainment Companies Address
  • Reduced File Storage Costs

    Replace traditional remote NAS with modern edge appliances that tier non-used files to the cloud

  • Fast Access to Cloud Files

    Help users meet tight deadlines by enabling them to access cloud files as if they were stored locally

  • Complete Data Security

    Maintain all aspects of cloud file services behind the firewall; military-grade encryption with private keys

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A Modern Approach to File Services for Media and Entertainment Companies


Solutions for Media and Entertainment

  • Legacy File Server Replacement
    Modern caching-enabled edge appliances provide unlimited local access to large media files
  • Secure Content Collaboration
    Office and remote users can securely access and edit files with co-workers in locations around the world
  • Distributed Backup
    Protect remote offices from data loss events, including ransomware and natural disasters
  • Disaster Recovery
    Instant failover of office appliances to the cloud in the event of an outage, ensuring zero user downtime

Built to Meet Media and Entertainment Requirements

  • Powerful Caching Edge Filers
    96TB raw capacity for large video/multimedia files at the edge
  • Data Tiering and Archiving
    Move cold data to cloud while keeping warm files local
  • Efficient File Streaming and Rendering
    Users quickly identify the files they need without full downloads
  • Full Support for Macs
    Quickly access 1,000s of cloud files directly in Mac Finder
  • Efficient Data Transfer and Replication
    Optimize data to overcome high latency of remote locations
  • Source-Based Data Encryption
    Secure files in-traffic (TLS) and at rest (AES-256)
  • Workspaces
    Create project collaboration folders for internal/external users
  • Central Management
    Eliminate on-site IT and maintenance requirements