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Use Case: Enterprise File Sync & Share

Bowman and Brooke LLP Increased Cloud Storage Capacity and Enhanced User Experience with CTERA
Streamlining Storage Infrastructure: Oper8 Global Enhances Bennett & Bennett’s Data Management with CloudBox
U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs Selects CTERA for a Major Distributed Secure Storage Modernization Project
Wellcom Worldwide Helps Remote Workers Collaborate with CTERA Global File System on AWS
Packaging and printing company Fortis Solutions chooses CTERA to modernize file storage and accelerate printing workflows
Integrated branding agency transforms legacy infrastructure with CTERA Global File System
Customer Testimonial Video: McDonald’s, LiveNation, Carlyle Group and more
Global law firm chooses CTERA for secure, cloud-based file sharing
The Carlyle Group Modernizes File Infrastructure Across Global Sites
Bynet launches secure managed file services offering based on CTERA global file system and NetApp object storage
Israel railway corporation shares and syncs files in Bezeq International cloud using the CTERA solution
Santander chooses CTERA to combine file sync, collaboration and backup services with complete data security and control
US combat support agency of the Department of Defense (DoD).
CTERA powers Deutsche Telekom cloud data services
American global information technology company providing IT services, software, and technology.
Swisscom creates cloud storage, backup and collaboration services for businesses
Ricoh canada launches RCloud Services™ backup and recovery, powered by CTERA
Field technicians dramatically improve productivity with “Storebox”- secure cloud-based mobile file collaboration
Telecom Italia ‘Nuvola It Data Space Easy’: Business cloud storage services powered by CTERA
CTERA and EMC power POST Telecom’s business customers cloud storage services
Leading Sports Media Company Deploys CTERA on AWS to Enable Branch Office File Services and Collaboration
State Healthcare Agency Selects CTERA’s Enterprise File Services Platform and AWS to Reduce TCO by 75%
Telefonica Provides Cloud Storage Services for Businesses Powered by CTERA
American events promoter and venue operator
French ready-to-wear luxury brand operating within the LVMH Group
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