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Case Study

Swisscom Creates Cloud Storage and Backup Services

Case Study
Swisscom Creates Cloud Storage and Backup Services
  • Swisscom IT Services uses CTERA to launch multiple private-labeled cloud storage services
  • Utilizes mix of cloud storage gateways and managed agents for data protection and collaboration applications
  • Leverages investment in scalable object storage platform


Company Background

Swisscom IT Services ranks as one of the leading Swiss providers specializing in the integration and operation of complex IT systems. It is a wholly-owned division of Swisscom AG, Switzerland’s leading telco. The 2,895 employees of Swisscom IT Services provide IT outsourcing and managed services for approximately 400 business customers in Switzerland, Luxembourg, Germany, Austria and Singapore.

The Challenge

Swisscom IT Services wanted to launch cloud storage services to leverage its investment in object storage, creating innovative Swisscom-branded services for their clients specifically around data protection, collaboration and universal access to files.

We were looking for solutions to extend cloud storage into a variety of business applications. They had to be comprehensive and provide rich, easy-to-use functionality, but also be cost-effective enough to make economic sense.

Donat Kaeser, Product Manager at Swisscom IT Services

The CTERA Solution

Swisscom IT Services chose CTERA’s cloud storage platform for its mix of on-premises appliances and flexible cloud storage delivery platform, CTERA Portal, which it integrated with its object storage datacenter infrastructure.

The CTERA solution is used to deliver three different Swisscom-branded services:

  • Managed local file storage: A file server replacement, using CTERA’s appliances at the customer premises, with backup to off-site cloud storage and managed centrally by Swisscom.
  • StoreBox – Personal storage for business: An application for consumer-style secure file sharing for business, allowing ubiquitous file access and sharing across various platforms including smartphone OSs and tablets including Apple iPad.
  • Enhanced backup: Using CTERA Server Agents to add off-site cloud backup to existing hosted environments, transferring them to a long-term “vault” where multiple snapshots are kept for long periods.

“Having performed an extensive evaluation of cloud storage enablers, we found that CTERA provided the best value and best fit to the services we wanted to launch,” adds Donat. “CTERA’s support for different cloud storage platforms, the scalability of CTERA Portal and the ability to deploy a combination of cloud storage gateways and managed agents gave us the flexibility we needed to launch many different services and do so cost-effectively.”

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