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Case Study

Israel Railway Syncs Files in Bezeq International Cloud with CTERA

Case Study
Israel Railway Syncs Files in Bezeq International Cloud with...
  • Anytime, anywhere file access for branch office and roaming users through a single platform
  • Drives IT efficiencies by deploying a unified solution enabling remote office and mobile user file collaboration 
  • Centralized management and IT-as-a-Service delivery of file services

Company Background

Israel Railways is the state-owned principal railway company responsible for all inter-city, commuter, and freight rail transport in Israel. Since its establishment in 2003, the Israel Railway Corporation has been leading the transportation revolution, providing safe commute to passengers and cargo along with developing the nation’s railway infrastructure.
With over 3500 employees located in offices throughout the country, Israel Railways aims to improve commute quality and safety as well as treat environmental issues.

The Challenge

In order to sync and share files with clients and suppliers in the public cloud, Israel Railway employees were using unprotected, unmonitored file sharing programs. This did not abide with the high level of security and data protection required by the company. Railway IT was interested in modernizing the organization’s file collaboration strategy while maintaining the strictest levels of privacy and security across the offices.

The CTERA Solution is simple, easy-to-use, maintaining the severest levels of data protection.

Avi Savion, CIO, Israeli Railway Corporation

The CTERA Solution

The Israel Railway company conducted extensive testing, and selected the CTERA Enterprise File Services platform to synchronize files and folders across all devices, with easy-to-use file sharing and workspaces for team collaboration.

The company purchased user licenses for file sync and share and installed CTERA agents in workstations, mobiles and tablets. All data sent to the cloud is encrypted using source based AES – 256 encryption protocol, user private keys, as well as protected by a personal password and login.

Using the CTERA solution roaming users can access, share and collaborate files anywhere directly from their Windows mobile device or any laptop workstation. The CTERA solution also enables IT define external data sharing policies reducing leakage risk of sensitive data through their corporate firewall by restricting external sharing to specific users or groups, and accessing previous versions of files.

Business continuity was also a major concern for IT delivery, and with the use of the CTERA platform employees increase their productivity while still maintaining company data security and integrity. Moreover, IT agenda proved to be highly efficient controlling and monitoring the data and managing all connected devices, users and storage quotas from one single console, the CTERA Portal.

The CTERA Enterprise File Services Platform allows us to determine time-limited user access and collaboration, keeping data 100% private, secure, and monitored using the highest levels of data protection. The solution also provides us with the IT flexibility needed to govern data across all devices, increasing employee productivity.

Avi Savion, CIO, Israeli Railway Corporation

Today, Israeli Railway employees create projects and mutual folders with business partners where each user can share files according to permissions defined by IT. With the CTERA file sync and share solution in place, the IT department controls and monitors the data flow in the datacenter with full transparency and uncompromised data protection. All the data is stored in the local Bezeq International data center- the largest and most secure data center in Israel.


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