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Case Study

Bynet Launches Managed File Services Based On CTERA and NetApp Storage

Case Study
Bynet Launches Managed File Services Based On CTERA and...
  • Bynet offers secure cloud storage services to resellers and enterprises using CTERA Enterprise File Services Platform and Netapp object storage infrastructure, StorageGRID Webscale.
  • Delivers remote and local backup, file sync and share and mobile collaboration to Enterprise customers and resellers
  • Offers a centrally managed solution deployed on StorageGRID Webscale object storage infrastructure

Company Background

netappBynet Group, founded in 1975, currently consists of eight integrated companies, each a leader in its field. Bynet Group specializes in data communications, computing and telecommunications, and is engaged in complex projects that require a high level of integration, in Israel and worldwide.

NetApp awarded Bynet Communications the rank of a Gold Partner after abiding with the required criteria: meeting a quarterly/annual volume turnover, providing the required manpower equipped with know-how and defined technical qualifications, and the company’s capability to provide clients in the market with a full-scale sale, installation, service and support solution.

The Challenge

The public cloud has placed organization IT in an uncomfortable place; specifically, there are a number of environments where company data is created in places where it is difficult to protect. Tight budgets often push employees to use unprotected unmonitored file sharing programs that have little to no data protection features, or to fully cloud-based solutions (especially sync and share services like Dropbox) that introduce enterprise security and privacy concerns and do not offer the performance that local storage can provide.

“Our new collaboration with CTERA provides our enterprise customers a secure, fast, reliable file services platform. It allows us to introduce enterprises to the world of secure file sharing and data protection services with minimal investment, providing their users with the business continuity they require and a tremendous growth potential.”

Guy Bergman, Head of Cloud Division, Bynet

As a provider of cloud storage services, Bynet wanted to offer resellers and enterprises secure cloud backup and recovery solution with safe file sharing providing local high-speed
performance while contributing to organization business continuity. Both solutions needed to be cost-effective and un-intrusive. The direct-to-cloud approach had limited appeal, since resellers were looking for a more comprehensive solution.

The CTERA Solution

Bynet chose CTERA’s Enterprise File Services Platform for its mix of on-premises cloud storage gateways and easy-to-use data services delivery middleware, the CTERA Portal. The CTERA platform is deployed on Netapp StorageGRID Webscale, providing enterprises with the ability to transform organization IT to an internal service provider capable of delivering on-demand, cloud-based data protection services throughout the organization.
Bynet runs its own instance of the CTERA Enterprise File Services Platform on Netapp StorageGRID Webscale, object storage infrastructure, avoiding investment in infrastructure and aligning its operating expenses with customer revenue. The CTERA Portal centralized management console makes it possible to extend data services to remote sites and mobile users, and manage anywhere from tens to tens of thousands of connected appliances and end-point devices. With its multi-tier, multi-tenant architecture, the CTERA solution provides Bynet with the ability to serve enterprises directly providing cloud storage services to resellers empowering them to deliver their own branded service and consequently achieving business continuity.

“Bynet leverages NetApp’s Cloud Service Providers program that includes financial and business models, and marketing coverage aimed at building a Go-To-Market services faster based on the partner capabilities and the NetApp Alliance partners eco system.”

Shachar Shinerman, Israel Cloud Service Providers Sales, Netapp

With the use of CTERA Enterprise File Services Platform Bynet resellers and enterprise customers are awarded with a comprehensive secure cloud storage solution for converged data protection, governance and compliance to all of their customers from an easy-to-use centralized management console. In the future, Bynet can accelerate their business and with the use of Netapp StorageGIRD Webscale can scale up to 100 Billion objects of information and have the ability to support a larger customer base.

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