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Announcing CTERA Fusion: Unified File and Object Access for the Data-Driven Enterprise

First global file system to provide ubiquitous data services across file and object protocols

New York, NY — October 3, 2023 CTERA, the leader in distributed cloud file services, today announced CTERA Fusion, a new capability built into the CTERA Enterprise File Services Platform, providing unified file and object data access. CTERA is the first to introduce to the marketplace a global file system with simultaneous SMB, NFS, and S3 access to the same data set.

CTERA Fusion allows cloud applications to connect directly with enterprise file repositories, alleviating the need for expensive and time-consuming data copy to separate S3 buckets. Enterprises can run in-cloud machine learning training, video footage analysis, and data classification directly on their file shares, benefitting from CTERA’s ability to store globally in their cloud of choice, and present locally using the high-performance CTERA Edge Filers.

“CTERA Fusion extends our vision for the enterprise DataOps platform, enabling organizations not only to store their unstructured data efficiently and securely, but also to unlock its greater potential,” said Oded Nagel, CEO of CTERA. “By offering easy programmatic access to data, CTERA Fusion allows organizations to implement their own custom data pipelines that operate across multiple access protocols, cloud environments, and remote locations.”

The capabilities of CTERA Fusion include:

  • In-Place Read/Write – Enables reading and writing directly to a global file system using the S3 protocol. CTERA Fusion eliminates the expensive and time-consuming processes of copying data to external S3 buckets.
  • Single Namespace Across File and Object – Interact with data generated at the edge using standard object storage S3 protocols, or access cloud-generated data from the edge using NAS protocols. Data is available where you need it, when you need it.
  • Support for Multipart Uploads and Presigned URLs – Benefit from advanced data transfer capabilities like multipart uploads and pre-signed URLs, making ingestion and sharing of large files even more efficient.
  • High Availability and Scalability – Engineered to scale throughput horizontally by supporting additional cloud instances, CTERA Fusion ensures high availability and performance. It meets the data access and transfer needs of enterprises managing petabytes of mission-critical storage.
  • Robust Security – All data is secured in transit via TLS and encrypted at rest, providing an added layer of protection.
  • CTERA’s Ecosystem Integration – CTERA Fusion is compatible with all features of the CTERA Enterprise File Services Platform, including AI-based ransomware protection (CTERA Ransom Protect), WORM compliance (CTERA Vault), and global file collaboration.

For more information on CTERA Fusion, please visit: CTERA Data Services

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