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Introducing the CTERA Edge HC100: Taking File Services to the Far Edge

I’m glad to have this opportunity to write to you about our new powerful lightweight edge filer – the CTERA Edge HC100. My name is Gal Yosef and I’m a product manager at CTERA who leads our Edge Filer product group.

Amid the new remote working solutions in which workers are just as apt to work from home as they are the office, enterprises are re-evaluating traditional NAS infrastructure investments both at the core (data center) and the edge (remote sites, WFH offices).

As we move toward the post-Covid era IT organizations realize traditional NAS and file infrastructure cannot meet the emerging requirements for scale, security, and cost-efficiency across small offices and WFH users, aka the ‘Far Edge’ of the network. Moreover, users working in creative design, medical imaging, or other data-intensive jobs, have edge workload requirements that far exceed WAN performance capabilities.

To support this need, today I am glad to introduce CTERA Edge HC100, a powerful, lightweight edge filer for small offices and teleworkers.

The HC100 is a sleek desktop device that delivers the full functionality of all other CTERA Edge Filer product lines despite being not much larger than a smartphone. It offers 1TB of high speed NVME local cache with SMB/NFS access to corporate file shares in the cloud.

Like all CTERA filers, the HC100 allows edge users to enjoy a PB-scale cloud environment with local performance; fast edge-to-cloud synchronization with source-based encryption and deduplication capabilities; and enterprise-grade hardware with global support.

CTERA Edge HC100 – it’s small but packs a punch!

The HC100 is featured in CTERA’s new remote work suite that enables enterprises to securely extend cached LAN-speed access to corporate file shares for small regional teams and data-intensive home users while preserving consistent folder structures, permissions and access control. It is coupled with the new lightweight CTERA Drive Connect agent for Windows and MacOS that provides desktop-integrated cached access to the global file system.

Together, the new suite global file system provides a unique solution for organizations that seek to roll out managed file services to many remote locations, eliminating the need for expensive servers and backup systems.

Where are customers deploying the HC100? There are several use cases, with more emerging rapidly as the post-Covid working environment takes shape:

  • Small branches/satellite offices: Organizations are looking to balance the performance, security, and productivity needs of users without making massive CapEx investments. Here the HC100 is an ideal solution, per our customer American Engineering Testing, a consulting firm based in St. Paul, Minnesota:

    “The HC100 filer provides the right balance of performance, security, and sleek form-factor to support our small offices around the country and enables global access without forcing our users to learn a new way to work with their file shares.”

    Brian Zwart, IT Manager, American Engineering Testing
  • Data-intensive WFH users: The designers, engineers, video editors, et al working from home offices can have larger-than-normal performance requirements. An HC100 provides these users with the local horsepower needed to get the job done.
  • Industrial applications: As more data is generated in IoT and machine-generated applications, the HC100 serves as a cost-effective edge solution to ship secure data to cloud for central processing.

Of course, distributed enterprises today must support larger offices as well. CTERA Edge H Series boasts the most complete line of filers that supports anywhere from 1TB to 128TB (physical or virtual appliances), as well as hyperconverged edge filers that integrate the best of edge compute and global file system technology at both data center and remote sites.

Leading industry analysts see the value of a the totality of CTERA’s platform as well.

“Demand for modern data storage services is going up, and CTERA offers one of the most complete solutions in the market. Enterprises must address urgent challenges related to providing access for small remote offices and work-from-home scenarios. CTERA’s ability to extend cloud file services to any office or endpoint while preserving organizational security and control fits a lot of distributed enterprises’ needs in the post-Covid era.”

Enrico Signoretti, Senior Data Storage Analyst, GigaOm

We’re happy to help you get started as you navigate your post-Covid file infrastructure needs. Drop us a line or learn more through the resources below.

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