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CTERA Achieves DoDIN APL Certification

We are very pleased today to announce that the CTERA Enterprise File Services Platform has been certified for inclusion on the U.S. Department of Defense Information Network Approved Products List (DoDIN APL).

DoDIN APL-approved status provides further validation of the CTERA platform as a cyber-hardened and military-grade global file system, and enables DoD agencies to easily purchase and deploy CTERA products within private DoD networks. It’s also the culmination of an extensive certification process in which the CTERA platform was thoroughly scrutinized and tested under the supervision of the DoD and Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA), and we are proud to say we passed with flying colors.

(U.S. Air Force photo/Raymond McCoy)

Investing resources in a highly rigorous certification process like that of DoDIN APL is very much in line with our company values. CTERA’s mission is to connect remote sites and users to a private global file system without sacrificing data privacy, control, or performance. Completing this mission at the federal and defense level required our platform to be listed to be on the APL, which is where DoD agencies are mandated to purchase IT solutions.

Now that CTERA is certified for the APL, defense agencies that have been traditionally hamstrung by highly stringent data security requirements can pursue file services modernization projects much more freely.

For example, I’ve visited several defense locations across the U.S. where 20 and even 30-year-old NAS devices are still in use. These agencies face challenges such as:

  • Constantly having to buy more storage for their NAS
  • Having no replication and no data protection for their NAS
  • Suffering from unreliable networks or satellite communication; file transfer is not optimized (deduplicated and compressed) for geographically distributed sites
  • Having no real-time accessibility to field data; data needs to be retrieved, copied, backed-up or shipped manually

CTERA was built from the ground-up to be the secure cloud solution government organizations needed. Our platform delivers a 100% on-premises installation; integrated DoD CAC (Common Access Cards) authentication; comprehensive audit logging; and FIPS 140-2 validation.

Our proprietary and highly-efficient data transfer protocol is ideal for organizations with high-latency and low-bandwidth networks, much like those of defense agencies with geographically remote bases. And to support users who travel from base to base, CTERA provides accelerated access and collaboration from sites and roaming users to the global file system.

CTERA is the first cloud file services platform certified for DoDIN APL, a reflection of our commitment to enabling even the most highly secure organizations to modernize without compromise. With the DoD annual IT budget at more than $46 billion, this is an amazing opportunity for our company. You can find CTERA listed under the Data Storage Controller (DSC) category, delivering a seamless modernization option for organizations seeking NAS replacement, data archiving, global collaboration, and several other file services use cases.

Visit our Government industry webpage and learn more about our military grade security solutions and certifications.

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