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    CTERA Cloud Storage Gateways

    Online Help for CTERA Cloud Storage Gateways

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    Administering and Installing CTERA Portal Management System

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    CTERA Portal API Developer Guide and Log Message Reference

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  • CTERA Agent for Windows

    Online Help for Windows CTERA Agent

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    Online Help for Mac CTERA Agent

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  • CTERA Agent for Linux

    Online Help for Linux CTERA Agent

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CTERA enabled us to replace expensive tape backup, ensure SOX compliance and reduce TCO by 65%.

Antoine Boury, Head of Information Technology

CTERA 5.0 supports our vision of centrally managed, comprehensive and simple-to-use remote data services...

Matt McQuoid - Director of IT Operations

CTERA has enabled our IT team to transform its backup operation and become an internal service provider capable of delivering on-demand, cloud-based data protection services throughout the organization.

Joel Eagle - Senior Director Technology & Infrastructure

Data storage is exploding and we were getting to a point where we didn't know what or where our data was. With CTERA’s cloud solution now deployed in several global locations, we have the control we were looking for.

Armin Razavi - Head of Architecture Governance and Platforms
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