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How to Minimize Your Recovery and Remediate Attacks

A Petri IT Knowledge Base and CTERA Webinar

Learn how to use modern, private file sync tools to minimize your recovery point and remediate Ransomware attacks.

Ransomware attacks have grown 35X in 2016, where victims may pay as much as $1B to cyber criminals in just Q1 alone

This webinar will review how new approaches to real-time file sync can overcome challenges of scheduled file backups and provide an even more robust safeguard against the global threat of ransomware attacks.

Topics Covered in this Webinar…

  • The global rise of ransomware and cryptolocker events
  • Traditional methods of crypto-locked data recovery
  • Challenges with traditional backup-based approaches to data recovery
  • Why legacy backup software and processes introduce too large of a recovery point
  • How real time sync technology can eliminate the blast-radius of a ransomware event
  • How to backup devices and roll back to synced folders

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