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Achieving GDPR Compliance

CTERA helps any organization doing business in the European Union meet the privacy and security requirements defined by the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation).

Global organizations today have files scattered across wide-ranging locations, including office file servers, users' workstations and laptops, and increasingly, mobile devices. CTERA enables customers to consolidate distributed file data into a centralized repository where data governance tools can deliver insight into security and access control procedures.
CTERA Helps Address GDPR Compliance Requirements
Security and Privacy by Design
A broad feature set to protect sensitive data: in-firewall, encryption, backup/DR, and more
The Right to Be Forgotten
Central management of all files enables IT to easily identify and erase specific files as required
Personal Data Transfers
Customer control over data storage location and encryption ensures international transfer compliance

Start on the Path to GDPR Compliance

Feature Highlights

Data Residency
Retain full control over data residency with your choice of owned object or cloud storage infrastructure
Data Protection
Automated local and offsite backup options with unlimited file versioning and alerts for incomplete backups
Data Privacy
No third-party access to your data; deploy on-premises in your datacenter or virtual private cloud
Advanced Authentication
Integration with your Active Directory/LDAP systems to prevent unauthorized access to central file repositories
Source-Based Data Encryption
Data encrypted In-traffic (TLS) and at rest (AES-256) with keys generated and managed by you
Data Availability
Built-in disaster recovery capabilities enable quick restores of personal data
Record Keeping
Detailed logging of user and device access points, backup events, and failed log-ins
Data Breach Notification
Audit trails provide information about unauthorized data access; built-in DLP prevents data leakage

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