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Case Study

Fortune 100 financial services company launches hybrid cloud backup-as-a-service with CTERA

Case Study
Fortune 100 financial services company launches hybrid cloud backup-as-a-service...
  • F100 launches internal Backup-as-a-Service powered by CTERA to support CloudOps initiative
  • Solution spans multiple clouds and platforms integrated into a single cloud fabric
  • Company selects CTERA after traditional enterprise tools could not meet requirements for agility, multi-tenancy, and scalability
  • CTERA’s cloud-native, API-driven platform supports customer’s vision for complete automation of backup and recovery services


Company Background

This Fortune 100 financial services company is one of the world’s leading insurance and banking firms, serving more than 100 million clients and businesses across 60 countries.

The Challenge

The company devotes significant resources to the modernization of application, service, and infrastructure delivery throughout the organization. To support this agenda, the IT department embarked on a major CloudOps (cloud operations) initiative that would transform the organization into an internal cloud services provider that leverages both on-premises and public cloud computing resources.

Its vision was to implement an API-driven, multi-tenant service with customized security and administration models for specific users that would span multiple IaaS and hypervisor providers. Automation is key for the project, and IT needed a fully automated service on par with leading cloud service providers that would enable the company to become a cost-effective and agile internal IT-as-a-Service provider.

Through extensive cloud research and planning, they determined that traditional enterprise-grade backup tools were too cumbersome, too expensive, and not agile enough to address the new mode of IT-as-a-Service provisioning. The organization realized it needed hybrid cloud storage solutions to enable the step-function benefits of cloud efficiency and agility.

It also needed a combination of capabilities previously unavailable to them:

  • A flexible data protection solution for Windows and Linux servers deployed across a cloud of clouds
  • WAN optimization to enable servers in one cloud to backup and recover from storage in another cloud
  • Dramatic backup target savings via the use of deduplication and native object storage API support
  • Multi-tenancy to isolate user data without having to manage independent backup systems
  • Cloud-native, API-driven solutions that support complete service automation, service plans and plan “templates” to easily deploy backup and recovery services without administrator intervention

The CTERA Solution

The organization’s search for a scalable and automated hybrid cloud data protection solution led to CTERA’s Enterprise File Services Platform. The CTERA-powered service allows any user in any location to activate or deactivate a backup option for his application via a service catalog. Provisioning new applications from the company’s IT service catalog provides cost-effective safeguards against the accidental deletion or loss of business-critical data. The solution protects applications spanning three independent cloud platforms (Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure and OpenStack) that the IT organization has integrated into a single cloud fabric.

“As we move forward into a new era of cloud services and IT-as-a-service delivery, CTERA is strategic to our CloudOps initiative and enables us to deliver automated data protection with uncompromising security and flexibility to achieve an order of magnitude improvement in cost and operational efficiency.”

P.R., CloudOps Director

The organization chose CTERA based on several key factors:

  • A Simple, Agent-Based Approach to Application Data Protection. Windows and Linux agents can be deployed on any cloud framework, enabling application owners to determine which files to backup, and when. An agent-based approach removes any dependency on a server hypervisor, and allows the organization to deploy and recover applications on any cloud.
  • WAN Optimized Backup Agents to Backup Any Cloud to Any Cloud. Using source-based, global deduplication, incremental-always backup methods and WAN compression, CTERA’s agents are capable of backing up any cloud to a remote location. This enables the company to minimize risk of deploying in any one cloud by enabling recovery to any other cloud.
  • A Multi-Tenant Approach to Data and Backup Administration Isolation. With CTERA, the company’s IT service catalog creates secure tenants around each workload to ensure a customized security model for each application – where a composite set of VMs and applications can have their own encryption keys and delegated administration.
  • Robust, Cost-Effective Support for Any Object Storage Platform or Service. With native connectors for AWS S3-Infrequent Access, Microsoft Azure Blobs, OpenStack SWIFT, and other object storage platforms, CTERA’s globally deduplicated Backup as a Service platform enables the company to store data at 1/10th of the cost of traditional IT deduplication appliances.
  • 100% Automation. Contrary to traditional backup approaches, CTERA’s Platform enables the organization to completely automate the provisioning of user tenants and agents and eliminate the need to interface with IT administrators for restores or support. This modern approach to data protection is driven by CTERA’s seamless integration with the IT service catalog and service chargeback system.
  • Cloud Simplicity, with Uncompromising Security and Data Sovereignty. CTERA’s Enterprise File Services Platform uniquely combines a SaaS user experience and management toolset with a 100%-behind-the-firewall deployment model that allows the company to govern data storage location and enforce the security requirements and data privacy regulations that are common to the financial services industry.



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