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Object stores? more, fast and small!


But you don’t have to trust me… So I asked a comment to someone who works with all the object storage (and NAS) vendors: Jeff Denworth, SVP Marketing at CTERA. CTERA, you probably already know that, is a cool vendor that provides some really interesting solutions such as Sync & Share and NAS gateways, among other fancy cloud-based backup solutions. They have 100s of customers (some of them are ISPs with several thousands of end users, but they are doing pretty well in the enterprise market too). When I asked Jeff to express his opinion regarding, he told me:: “I would say, of our customer pool, the large majority of them have under 200TB.  But we’re also not the only use case they consider object for… so we become the first use case (gateways, sync and share, etc.) and then the customer immediately starts thinking about new use cases (backup, then DevOps, are most commonly the next to consider.” and even though CTERA has global deduplication and compression functionalities they are still in the range I’m talking about.

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