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Canada ad firm subtracts 44U with HPE and Ctera hyper-converged

Ctera’s gateway caches hot data on-premise for fast access and tiers colder data to cheaper object storage in the cloud, all managed through a global file system.

Edsall said it was too early to give definite numbers on savings. “We just finished the install, so we don’t have any stats, but we expect to save money by not having to invest in on-site storage hardware that will just lose value eventually,” he said. “But what I can say is that the IT team are now a lot more confident that they can roll back, as well as restore, individual files. Also, users can restore individual files without needing to submit an IT ticket. “A big advantage is that we now don’t have 48U of gear to support. All those separate workflows that we had to maintain are gone.”

Edsall also highlighted the ability to provide web-style access to files to staff and customers to allow for sharing in workflows.

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