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CTO Guide to the Cloud: six expert predictions for the future

Predictions for the Cloud - CTO Guide





When looking for a CTO guide to the cloud, expert predictions can be hard to come by. That’s why Part III of the Information Age’s Cloud and Backup Month provides CTOs with a guide that’s “more forward-focused looking at how the cloud is changing”. In this guide, six CTOs and cloud experts provide their standout predictions for the future of cloud.

Hear from our own CTO – Aron Brand – on the move towards a “stateless enterprise” and the potential this can unlock for your enterprise. How are you eliminating “dark data”, for instance? Are you realizing your potential efficiency gains? This is one of the reasons CTERA focuses on branch storage modernization, to ensure your org is ready to take advantage of the cloud future.

Take a look at other CTO cloud predictions and their guide to ensure you’re ready for the future.

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