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Ctera Sets Bar for Multi-Cloud Global File System

Organizations are embracing firm’s Global File System
Jeff Newman, IT architect, W. L. Gore & Associates, an American multinational manufacturing company, said: “Gore has partnered with CTERA to simplify our ROBO sites and move data from remote file servers to the cloud. V7.0 has been a game-changer for us, offering an automated migration utility that has made it easier and faster for us to migrate data and retire remote servers across our locations in Europe.”

Kyle Edsall, VP technology, Glenn Davis Group, an integrated branding agency, said: “As we faced the limitations of our on-premise storage infrastructure, our investigation into cloud and object storage-based platforms culminated in the CTERA global file system, which allowed us to consolidate virtualization, backups, storage, presentation, and sharing into a single solution. Leveraging all the benefits of cloud storage efficiently with cutting-edge deduplication, while keeping our active data hot and accessible on local SSD, was the ideal choice for us and has powered us through our WFH transition. Every IT decision should remove barriers to growth; we’re pleased this decision has done just that and more, and are excited by the V7.0 benefits of further improved performance and macOS usability.”


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