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CTERA Networks Partners with COMPUTERLINKS SpA

The European distributor will market the of cloud storage and data protection technology developed by the Israeli company

computerlinks Bolzano, Italy, October 13, 2010 – COMPUTERLINKS SpA, a subsidiary of the European distributor specializing in e-security and e-business, has closed a deal with CTERA Networks, an Israeli company operating in the hybrid cloud storage and data protection. The new partnership will allow the distributor to market the CTERA Cloud Attached Storage® solution in the Italian market, providing value added services to rapidly respond to the demand for data protection, online backup and cloud storage.

With the announced agreement, COMPUTERLINKS expands its offering in the storage, security and infrastructure segment to include cloud-based data protection for small and medium enterprises. CTERA technologies allow, in fact, to offer cloud computing services for data center owners or SaaS, ensuring speed, efficiency and centralized storage management.

The partners will install and administer COMPUTERLINKS Cloud Attached Storage solution using CTERA Portal, a cloud services platform, available for data center or SaaS Mondal. This solution provides maximum protection as it operates on two levels: making local backup and storage at the customer’s operations and replicating and synchronizing data in the cloud, ensuring at all times the data protection and business continuity.

The solution includes tools for managing CTERA optimization of cloud storage, in addition to online backup services, providing remote monitoring and centralized dedicated storage appliance.

“The agreement with CTERA Networks enables us to expand our portfolio of solutions to meet the needs of the many business-oriented cloud computing, “says Federico Marini, CEO of COMPUTERLINKS Italy and Austria. “Thetechnologies and CTERA respect our commitment to offering innovative solutions and cutting edge, ensuring maximum security, increase productivity and safeguard investments.”

“We are very pleased to have signed this partnership with COMPUTERLINKS to further expand our presence in the Italian market, “said Andrea Rizzi, Country Manager at CTERA Networks. “The well-established provider of specialized experience will allow us to get in touch with new realities, which present our technologies and with whom to develop new business opportunities.”

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