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CTERA launches DevOps toolset for global-scale file delivery to enable remote work





In early March, business giants including Google and Twitter pushed a large portion of their workforce to work from home in order to help slow the spread of the pandemic. Twitter alone recommended that 5,000 employees work from home and the cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase asked employees susceptible to the virus to work remotely.

Even without the pandemic, the ability to support remote workers at scale and provision storage rapidly for organizational needs can allow enterprises to remain agile in development. DevOps teams integrate and communicate heavily between themselves and must share information constantly in order to collaborate deeply.

“CTERA stands ready to support enterprise DevOps and the critical role these teams will play in an increasingly distributed post-COVID-19 era,” said Aron Brand, chief technology officer of CTERA. “Our new offerings close the gap between centralized IT and remote users by enabling faster, agile deployment of storage services that drive user productivity and ensure business continuity.”

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