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CTERA Networks expands portfolio with new ROBO-focused line of larger edge appliances





“CTERA provides secure enterprise file services from edge to cloud with a two-tier architecture,” said Sabo Taylor Diab, Vice President Global Marketing at CTERA Networks. “We use a CTERA Edge Filer that sits in the branch office, and a CTERA Drive App that sites on the endpoint devices and provides full access to the data. It’s a fully cloud-agnostic platform that gives full ability to store and access the data. It addresses multiple use cases, with remote office filers, multi-site collaboration, and content distribution being the top three, with others including workspaces, VDI file services, endpoint backup and tiering and . These are licenses for each use case.”  is also a selling feature, with a 100 per cent in-firewall, source-based encryption, private key management, two factor authentication, remote data shredding capability, and full regulatory compliance, including FIPS 140, GDPR and HIPAA.

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