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We believe that this shift is much more than a passing trend, and that remote work will remain in force long after the health crisis subsides. Smaller offices and travel restrictions will be commonplace, employees will be divided into silos, and organisations will improve their readiness for disasters and pandemics.

That doesn’t mean that activity levels cannot return to what they once were. The adoption of remote work models provides considerable advantages in terms of business continuity, productivity, and operational efficiency. We see it in our customers, our partners, and in our own organisation.

But most organisations, including those in traditional industries, will need to learn fast how to enable their remote workforce from the current level of around 20% to over 90% and in a very short period of time. As such, we will be focusing much of our efforts on assisting customers with their IT Remotification efforts. This includes tools for home users, scaling of VDI systems, and rapid deployment of regional branch offices for users that cannot access the head office.

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